How to connect SMS - freedom?

How to connect SMS - freedom?

company Tele2, as well as many other mobile operators, trying to keep up with the times and create more and more new options for their subscribers.One of the convenient options is the service "SMS-freedom", so that users are increasingly interested in how to connect "free SMS".

Connection service "SMS-freedomĀ»

This service allows users to send up to 200 SMS messages every day to mobile numbers of all Russian operators.On the day the account will be deducted an amount equal to 5 rubles.Follow-sms-messages are already paid, the value of which depends on the tariff plan you are using.For example, if you connected the tariff "Blue", the SMS will cost 1.1 rubles, and if the "Orange" - $ 0.75.It is worth noting that, while outside your home area, you can not use this service and all SMS messages will be charged at normal rates.

If you want to connect this service, you can use one of the ways:

  • personal cabinet.The option is activated via personal account on my need to enter your phone number and password which you specified during registration.For the connection will be charged at a rate of 20 rbl., And you on the same day will be able to use the free SMS.
  • special team.Connect SMS to Tele2 freedom possible, using the command * 152 * 21 #.

If you want to test, activate the service or not, dial * 152 * 2 # call, when it should come to the notice of the status of services.

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Disabling services

Disable this option, you can also use the Personal Cabinet on the company website or by calling the number * 152 * 20 #.If you decide to cancel the service, you must understand that for the reconnection will need to pay back 20 rubles.At the same time it is not necessary to refuse from virtually free package, if you constantly send and receive SMS messages.

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