How to connect services to Tele2 ?

How to connect services to Tele2 ?

all mobile operators offer their customers a variety of services, through which new opportunities.There are both paid and free services that can be connected both in automatic mode and when the subscriber ordering.Today we talk about the mobile operator Tele2.

How to connect a variety of services to Tele2

Connect this or that service to the mobile operator Tele2 in the following ways:

  1. Call the subscriber service operator by number 611 and ask for the connection interest services.
  2. Connect service via a personal account on the website.
  3. Contact person at any Customer Service Center Tele2 and ask a specialist about connecting services.
  4. Visit the company's website, read the "Services" and connect interested service through a specific command (to be specified in the description of services).

description of a service you can find, as we have said, on the mobile operator's website.Or, get advice from experts and consultants subscription service sales outlets.Do not forget to specify the cost of connection.

Next we will talk about some of the services the operator Tele2 and how they connect.


In cases where you can not get through to you, you will be able to leave a voice message.The message will go to your phone in the form of SMS, which you can listen to and learn the sender's number.To listen to the message, you must call the number 600.

type the command to activate the service * 121 # and press "Call" button.

This service does not involve a subscription fee.Connection is free.A call to voicemail is charged according to the tariff plan.


When connecting this phone service will block calls and SMS from unwanted numbers.In addition, using the services available to get rid of advertising SMS-mailing.

When you add the first number in the "Black List" feature on the phone through the service will connect automatically.

If you disable this service, but the list of unwanted numbers left, then you can activate the service by dialing * 220 * 1 #.Then press the "Call" button.

Connection service is free of charge.The subscription fee is 0.9 rubles per day.You also need to pay for each number from the list - 1.5 rubles.

SMS-notification Vkontakte

This service allows you to receive information about new messages and news.You can also reply to messages, comment on the news and publish entries via SMS.In this case the Internet connection is not required.

To activate the service required

  • View on your page in the social network;
  • Then go to "My Settings" and select "Alerts";
  • Next tie a room Tele2 to their page and enter the code number that will come in the form of SMS;
  • Select "Alerts via SMS" and noted "Receive SMS alerts" ";
  • Click the "Save" button.

Connecting services and information about changes in the social network is free of charge.The outgoing SMS is charged according to the tariff plan.

If you want to connect the Internet service, then the terms and conditions can be found in the article How to connect to the Internet Tele2.

information about connecting free sms to look for Tele2 in the article How to connect free SMS to Tele2.

If you want to disable the service, use the article material on how to disable services Tele2.