Tele2 : how to find the connected services ?

Tele2 : how to find the connected services ?

mobile operator Tele2 offers its subscribers a variety of services.Some of them are free, but most are available for a fee.To control their mobile communication expenses and do not spend money on unnecessary services, it is important to know exactly what is connected to your phone number.

Determine this by using several methods.


customer service to find out the connected services to Tele2, you can call the Customer Service Center.To do this, type in your mobile number with 611, and then press "Call".When the operator answers, you need to ask him to provide current information about the services activated.

Personal account

find out information about connected services from Tele2, you can use the service "My Account".To do this, go to this link: my-tele2.Next, you need to be authorized.First you need to enter your phone number, and then click "Get Code".On your mobile device will receive a message.It will present the code that will need to enter the login page in the field "Password".Now you will need to go to the main menu, which will need to select the section "My number / account".After that you will see a list of connected services to your number.Please note that it will be present both free and paid options.Carefully examine the list, on the other hand unnecessary, click on "Delete" button, which will be immediately disabled.

Office company Tele2

Learn services connected to your phone number, please contact the office of the company Tele2.In order not to waste time searching for the nearest branch, you should use the operator's website.To do this, click on the link, select your region or city, and then click on the "sales offices" section.Then in front of you will be customer service centers address.Going to the office, be sure to bring your passport, as will need to verify your identity - about the connected data services are only available to the real holder of the SIM-card.

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