Beeline : how to connect your home region ?

Beeline : how to connect your home region ?

If you are going on a trip, you should consider a low-cost mobile communications.To do this, the mobile operator Beeline offers a variety of services in roaming.For example, at the entrance to any area within your region, you can connect the option "home area" and make calls (and not only) in its usual rate.It is convenient and profitable.Let's understand how to connect the "home region" in different ways.

Connection For connection from your room will write off 30 rubles.The subscription fee will not be charged.Billing will be the same as in your home.

To activate the service, dial USSD-command * 110 * 241 # and press "Call" or call 0674 09 241.

In addition, you can always connect the "home region" (as well as any other option) by contactingthe Customer support Center (toll-free number at 8-800-700-8000) or at Beeline office.

can also connect the "home region", visiting the private office of Beeline.

useful options

service "home region" will be useful to anyone who travels frequently within the region, business trips.Thanks to this option is already possible to not think of roaming calls and spend as much time as you need.

Disabling To disable the option, dial * 110 * 240 # (the inhabitants of the Caucasus and south instead of gaining 240 340) or call 0674 09 240 (the inhabitants of the Caucasus and the south instead of the last three digits 240 should dial 340).Disabling the service is free of charge.


  • service is available for the clients served by postpaid payment system, ie,such a system, in which you first use mobile phones, but only then pay it.
  • If you already use the services of "Roaming light", "Roaming for us" and "our country", when you connect the option "home region", they are automatically switched off.
  • Unfortunately, the service is "home region" is not available for all cities.Check whether you can connect this option, you can at Beeline website as follows: Choose your city, click on the "Services" icon in the upper left corner, tick the "Travel to Russia".You will drop the list of available options, recommended for travel.