Miten poistaa tilaus beeline ?

How to disable a subscription to Beeline ?

Bilan operator offers its subscribers a variety of subscription, implies a certain paid services.Often no longer necessary, and that no additional cost is required to give them.But not everyone knows how to disable subscription to Beeline.Next will be considered the main ways of how to do it.

How to disable subscription to Beeline: operator and Internet

Before you disable paid subscriptions on the Beeline is required to determine the optimal way.Today, there are the following options:

  1. Contact your mobile operator Beeline.To do this, you can visit the nearest office of the company or from your phone to dial the following short number: 0611.
  2. Use the Internet to disable a paid subscription to Beeline.Visit the official website of mobile operator: it quick registration and then go to "My Account".In it you will find some paid services connected to your phone number, on the other hand unnecessary services check the boxes, then click on the button at the bottom of the "Disable".

How to disable subscription to Beeline: special teams

use short commands to disable certain paid subscription Beeline:

  • Disclaimer tunes instead of beeps - 0067410 and the call button.
  • voicemail Disable - * 110 * 010 # call key.
  • Unsubscribe "Hello" - * 111 # call button or make a call to the direct number: 067409770.
  • Disable the service "Be aware" - * 110 * 400 # call key.
  • Disclaimer Services "There is a contact" occurs through this command: * 11014020 # call key.
  • Disable service "Chameleon" - * 110 * 20 # Call button or call the direct number from any phone: 0684700000.
  • Refusal to favorite number - * 139 * 880 # call button.
  • subscription Disable notifying about the lottery mobile operator Beeline - send a blank SMS to 3003 or call with a mobile phone at this number: 1010.
  • Disclaimer CLIR service - * 110 * 070 # call button.