How to disable services on the Beeline ?

How to disable services on the Beeline ?

Mobile operators offer an endless number of different services.They are constantly coming up with something new, trying to interest the user and attract more customers with their innovations possible.Operators pay attention to the wide variety of possibilities, most of the services, at the same time, cost money.One of the leaders in mobile communications is the Beeline.Not everything that offers the operator need for the user, often there is a problem, how to disable services on the Beeline.However, should first clarify which services are active, for this there is a key combination * 110 * 09 #, then "call".So you can sort out the possibilities of the mobile operator.

Disables services Beeline

most popular Beeline services can be disabled by the following key combinations:

  • * 110 * 400 # - service to "be aware of Beeline"
  • * 110 * 010 # - Voicemail
  • * 110 *410 # - Chat
  • * 139 * 880 # - favorite number

Many people try to figure out how to disable the services of Beeline: sMS to any number you need to send?there are different numbers for different services.For instance, SMS 3003, disable the service "Lottery".However, in general, various supplementary services are disabled only certain set of keystrokes that are called SMS service.For example, such a service as "Chameleon", which is offered to each new user who acquires a new card Beeline, need not for everyone.You can disable it by using speed dial * 110 * 20 #, and at the end, as always, the call button.

main problem that remains with the user beeline: how to disable the paid service, if the combination of hot keys is unknown?You can certainly surf the net, various forums, look at the official website and find the option you want.However, the easiest way would be simply to dial the operator and the number in the voice mode to tell what services are not needed, they will be turned off during the day.Room for communication with the operator 0611.

There is another, quite a convenient way to disable unnecessary services.To do this, log into your personal account, and manage a variety of features without any problems.Registration should go to the website of "personal mobile office."