How to connect to the Internet Beeline ?

How to connect to the Internet Beeline ?

mobile operator "Beeline" offers subscribers a service "Internet" - thanks to her you get high speed Internet at an optimum cost.Connect to the Internet "Beeline" in various ways, look at them.

Personal account

Connect to the Internet "Beeline", you can use your personal account.To do this, go to the website of the mobile operator this link: pass authorization, then in the main section, select "Services" and then "Internet".Check out the current tariff plans, as well as their conditions and prices, on the other hand liked to click on "Connect".

Customer Support Center

Internet plug in the "Beeline" can call the Customer Support Center.To do this, type this number: 8-800-700-8000.Call it is free.You will need to call the subscriber number of the mobile and the name of the client, and then asked to activate the service "Internet".

Customer Service Office

Another current option - contact the customer service office of "Beeline" (their location can be found here sure to bring your passport and a copy of the service contract in the office refer to a free consultant, ask them to provide information about... service "Internet" and the existing tariff plans then choose from them the appropriate and ask them to connect


connect internet from a cell "Beeline" operator can use the USSD-command Their size depends on the chosen tariff plan:..

  • "Highway 1 GB" this service provides for a monthly fee of 190 rubles a month to activate it, you need to send to the mobile phone inquiry like this:... * 115 * 04 # + "CallĀ»
  • "Highway 3 GB". Over the Internet with so much traffic, you will need to pay 350 rubles per month subscribe to this service will help this team.: * 115 * 06 # + 'Call' button.
  • "Highway 5 GB."For this service you will need to pay 495 rubles per month.For its connection Send this request: * 115 * 07 # + "Call".
  • "Highway 10 GB."In this case, it provided the monthly fee in the amount of 890 rubles.To connect with the Internet traffic will need to send the following command to the mobile phone: * 115 * 08 # + "Call" button.
  • "Highway 20 GB."For this service are charged a monthly fee of 1290 rubles.To activate it, type query like the following: * 115 * 09 # + "Call".
  • "Highway 60 GB."It provides for the subscription fee in the amount of 2,500 rubles.To connect the service, send a request: * 115 * 10 # + "Call".
  • "Highway 100 MB."If you want to connect to the Internet only for a day with the amount of traffic, use this combination: * 115 * 01 # + 'Call' button.
  • "Highway 500 MB."It also provided for traffic for a day.To use it, type this command with a mobile phone: * 115 * 02 # + 'Call' button.

You can also use other ways to connect to the Internet "Beeline".With them you can read in the article How to connect Beeline internet.