Why does not the MTS ?

Why does not the MTS ?

How often do you use your mobile phone?The answer to this question is simple: each day.Indeed, in today's world, everyone is carrying a cell phone.Agree, it's really good because you always know that you are very easy to get in touch, and it will not be necessary to undertake some complex actions, simply dial a specific number of digits.

But not so easy as it seems.Unfortunately, our phone is always connected, why it happens, what are the reasons mobile is unavailable?As you know, today there is a huge variety of mobile communication in the global market, one of the most popular is the relationship of the MTS.Perhaps it is no secret that in each structure there are failures, and mobile is not an exception.Why does not the MTS?Let's look at the possible causes.

phone breakage and lack

cellular signal works automatically, but sometimes even she fails.Probably everyone who is a user of the communication, at least once, but wondered about why today is not running MTS.This problem can be directly linked to the breakdown of the switch, which is, in fact, connects the subscribers.

problem may be in your phone's fault, due to which you can not make calls.To see if your phone is in the absence of communication is to blame for this location, have the phone of another person, insert the SIM-card MTS, check the connection and try to make a call.If in the same place where you can not call from your phone, you have got to make a call from your room, but the other phone, then the cause of your machine, and already understand it is necessary to him, and not with the Simcoe.

phone is OK, but you still want to know why not work MTS?Then pay attention to the fact in which place you are.There are places where there are faults with communication, such as a basement, underground tunnel.If you can not make a call from such a place, then try to go out, and probably will be the best signal.In the above-mentioned places where the connection is lost, MTS can also link the abyss and any other operator.However it is necessary to say a few words about the coverage of different mobile networks.For example, in your town, you constantly use MTS, and the connection is excellent everywhere.But then you went on a trip to another city.On the way, you can greatly reduce the signal or disappear altogether MTS communications, and that's fine.This problem is related to the operator MTS coverage area, it is not ideal in all areas and is equally good.For example, in the city of MTS catches great everywhere, but outside the city or in the countryside may be problems with communication.To solve this problem, try a little walk around the area may again appear good communication MTS, and you can call.And in order not to fall into such a situation, it is better to have a spare SIM-card of the operator, which is a good "catch" in the place where you come from, and use it for calls already.

These are the reasons that MTS can not work.