How to locate a person by phone number ?

How to locate a person by phone number ?

If you are concerned that parents, friend or children do not take the phone, can pinpoint their location in real time.Tell us how to do it one at a time only a mobile phone number.

So the easiest way - to use a special service of mobile operators: each of them offers about the same connectivity options and services.

Note that using this method you can determine the coordinates only if the prior consent of the subscriber, which you are interested in finding.

Beeline: service "Locator"

How to connect it?By calling the number 09853. connection and call charges are free.In the process of connecting the subscriber will need to confirm the determination of its origin - it prompted only once.After that you will be able at any time to find out the location of a relative or friend on the map: possible error of 250 m to 1 km.But overall the service works quite accurately.

for using the service will be charged the monthly fee 3 p.per day, but will connect the new with free period of use within 7 days.

MegaFon: the service "Radar"

can use it to determine where the subscriber MegaFon, Beeline and MTS.The service "Radar Lite" is free;there are options with more features."Radar" and "Radar +" allow you to search up to 5 subscribers unlimited number of times per day.In this case you pay a monthly fee of 3 r.or 5 p.per day for the Radar and Radar +, respectively.

connecting rooms (free of charge): * 566 * 56 #, 566 #, 256 # - for Light Radar, Radar and Radar +, respectively.

MTS: service "Locator"

cost of this service - 100 p.per month, which includes hundreds of search queries.The first two weeks of use will be free.To activate the service, send sms enough in which to specify the name and number of the person to locate, at 6677. After that it will be requested for the consent of that person.After receiving the confirmation, you can use the service.

Do not get fooled by a scam.There are sites that offer to send an SMS to a certain number to find out the location - it's a divorce.The same search with questionable programs that can infect your computer with viruses.

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