How to identify a cell phone number ?

How to identify a cell phone number ?

Very often it is a situation that you call on a landline phone, and you can not figure out who is calling.In this situation, many are thinking how to identify a cell phone number of the caller.This article will deal with this issue in detail.


If you want to determine the number of mobile network operator from a landline phone, you must use the following options:

  • activate Calling Line Identification service.This can be done at the local post office, write a statement asking to connect the service (it should be noted that a paid service, and each month will be removed funds for the service).In addition, the modern machines also have the function of determining the numbers, so you need to understand how it is connected.And this should read the instructions.You will find it in the article How to connect the caller.
  • redirect calls to a mobile number.If you can not identify a cell phone number, you can try to go the other way: divert all calls from fixed-to-mobile, and then you'll know what number to call you;
  • contact the telephone exchange.You can also refer to the telephone exchange that serves your line with a request to give you information on incoming phone calls.


  1. You can connect numbers to determine only if the stationary unit is connected to a digital PBX.
  2. If the mobile phone number is hidden, it will be difficult to determine or even impossible.

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Owner Information

Cell Phone In order to determine who owns a certain cell phone, you can use our instructions:

  • websites.The network presents a huge number of sites that can help you determine the region of its location.An example can be moperator and spravkaRU.Net.
  • police.If you urgently need to find a cell phone owner (in the case of fraud or theft, for example), you should immediately contact the police to help find the owner;
  • mobile operator.If you know what the operator belongs to the room, you can try to find out any information from them.

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