How to connect a roaming Beeline ?

How to connect a roaming Beeline ?

It's no secret that mobile communications outside the home region is still expensive, despite the fact that the other communication direction slowly but surely become cheaper.

To optimize communication while in a different city and country a client, as a minimum, must be connected national or international roaming, as a maximum - to explore additional options that will allow him to save on communications in roaming.This article will explain how to connect a roaming Beeline, as well as present some optimize roaming option.

roaming for subscribers of prepaid system

When you are in another city the client enters the national roaming zone, and at the intersection of the borders of Russia, he is in a roaming zone.For an optimal connection option is responsible in the first zone of "long-distance communication", the second - "International communication".Both of these options for the subscribers of prepaid system will automatically connect.

roaming for subscribers of postpaid system

For subscribers of postpaid payment system option "DLD" connects automatically, but the "International communication" requires self-activation.

Connect "international" natural person, Serviced by postpaid billing system, can be one of the following methods:

  • send USSD-command * 110 * 131 #;
  • call the number 067 409 131;
  • use a private office;
  • call to Beeline customer service on number 0611;
  • contact the nearest office of the operator.

Important!Before connecting the option to subscribers of postpaid system, you must make a down payment in the amount of 1,500 rubles.On his return from roaming area fee will be refunded.

Features optimizing options

My country

option "My country" - is the ability to receive incoming calls in national roaming, paying only for the first minute, and make outgoing calls at a reduced price - 2.5 rubles per minute.

My Planet

option "My Planet" gives the customer the opportunity to get access to reduced prices for various destinations communications while in international roaming.For example, incoming calls while in Europe will cost 9 rubles per minute, the same amount will cost outgoing SMS, outgoing calls and will be available at the price of 19 rubles per minute.

Connecting optimizing options

cost of connecting the two options - 25 rubles.The subscription fee in one or the other services available.

combination of connectivity options for "My Country" - * 110 * 0021 #, the call;"My Planet" - * 110 * 0071 # call.

To disable "my country", dial * 110 * 0020 #, the call;to disable the "My Planet" dial * 110 * 0070 # call.

In addition, the connection / disconnection options you can always make use of a private office, call customer service Beeline (0611) or visit the nearest office of the operator.

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