How to connect to Beeline services ?

How to connect to Beeline services ?

Beeline - the most famous brand in Russia.Mobile operator "Beeline" offers a variety of services that make it possible to reduce communication costs and add tariff options.Some services are paid, and to monitor the write-off of assets, it is important to know about the service activation.If you use the services of the mobile operator, is not superfluous to learn how to manage these services.

If you connect to a new network, you must know how to connect service on the Beeline.Subscribers can activate services in several ways.

  • first and most preferred option - to call to the Service Management Service on 0674, where you will have access to the connection.You can select a desired service, and send a request for a connection.
  • You can connect to the service "Beeline", calling from his mobile phone at the number 0611 in Customer Services.To do this you need to tell the operator your passport details and report the desired service.
  • Connect services "Beeline" can be set using the command * 111 # from your mobile phone.This command and then press the call button, you will gain access to basic services "Beeline" and their management.
  • You can connect the "Beeline" services via the Internet.Go to your personal account at, and activate the service.To log in, please send your inquiry to get the password in the form of SMS, which will come to your mobile phone.

To connect to the Internet from Beeline, you can use the link and get the full information.

In business or in preparation for the holiday it is important to know how to activate roaming "Beeline".Roaming in Russia and abroad is automatically activated when your rate includes a prepayment and will exceed 600 rubles.If the invoice amount will decrease to 300 rubles, roaming off automatically.Connect roaming service Beeline possible when making a payment guarantee in the amount of 1,500 rubles, using postpaid "Beeline" system.