How to turn off the melody instead of a dial tone ?

How to turn off the melody instead of a dial tone ?

Recently, more and more people want to turn off the annoying melody instead of a dial tone on your mobile phone, but just do not know how to do it.

offer you step by step instructions on how to turn off the melody instead of a dial tone on the different operators.


Disable melody instead of a dial tone on the megaphone (service "Change your dial tone") in several ways:

  • Call to number 0505 or 0770 and follow the voice prompts, first press the number 4, and then 1. The call is free.
  • Enter your phone number * 111 * 29 # and press the call button.Thus you will automatically send a USSD-request and will return to their usual beeps.
  • Send a message to the number 0770 with the text message "1".The service is free.


Disable melody instead of beeps (service "FunTone") in this statement are three simple ways:

  • Call number 0674 and follow the voice prompts to disconnect.
  • Send USSD-request by dialing * 110 * 10 # and press the call button.
  • Send text message "FT" to the number 0674.


When the operator to turn off the melody instead of beep (service "Whistle") by completing any of the given ways:

  • Send USSD-request by dialing * 111* 29 # and press the call button.
  • Take your passport and contact the office to people skilled in this matter removed boring tune.This can be done immediately after the intervention in your phone or computer.
  • Call to number 0890, after the voice prompts, press 0 and wait for an attendant worker who performs services for you trip.

To learn more about how to disable services "Beep" you can here: How to disable beep at the MTS.


If you are standing on Tele2 melody instead of beep, disable it in the following ways:

  • necessary to dial the number 0550 and, using voice prompts, to disconnect.This call is chargeable - 25 cents per minute.
  • You can also send a free USSD-command to the number * 115 * 0 # and the service will be disconnected.
  • Disable "Beep" can and Tele2 on site in a private office: in the "Configure Services" on the other hand services "Beep" click "Disable".

It should be noted that disabling the melody instead of beeps on your mobile phone, you will not only get rid of the annoying music, but also save your money.