How to disable the mobile subscription ?

How to disable the mobile subscription ?

Suppose you on your mobile phone every day comes a message with the weather forecast or horoscope, until some time you do not pay any attention to it, but then notice that the balance of funds from somewhere began to disappear.The first thing that comes to mind - this is what you are talking on the phone a lot, but this is not always true.

How to disable the mobile subscription

To disable subscriptions, there are several ways.

first and perhaps easiest - is to call the customer support of your service by short number.The operator checks for subscriptions to your room and shut off their own.

  • for MTS subscribers - 0890;
  • to Megafon subscribers - 0500;
  • for Beeline subscribers - 0611;
  • to Tele2 subscribers - 611.

The same can be done in your personal account on the operator's website :.

  • MTS -;
  • Megaphone -;
  • Beeline -;
  • Tele2 -

Check, if you have a paid subscription using a special short USSD command:

  • MTS - * 152 #;
  • Megaphone - * 105 #;
  • Beeline - * 110 * 09 #;
  • Tele2 - * 144 * 1 #.

Carefully read the menu items after dialing the USSD kmandy, choosing what you need.Once subscriptions are disabled, you will receive a confirmation message.

Where are

subscription to understand where the money goes in several ways.You can start in your personal account book detailing the costs for the month you are interested in.The same can be done in the interior of your service provider, but is there you need to go with your passport, if the room has on you.Thus the Internet to do everything that you need, it will be easier and faster.

So, in detail, in addition to the cost of calls, you can find some interesting lines, like "Access to ...." and will continue to be given, to any site or service.

Here we should note that subscriptions may be provided by certain mobile operator or by third parties.In the first case it is services such as horn, horoscope, weather and so on.The second case includes all kinds of content on a subscription, the subscriber may be unaware that signed up for them, as it can happen due to carelessness.To avoid this, download apps only from official sites and do not leave your mobile phone number on the Internet.

Now you know how to disable the mobile service subscription.If you have any questions, please refer to the articles by vsoego operator:

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