How to turn off the connected services ?

How to turn off the connected services ?

Increasingly mobile operators offer their customers new services.Companies offering subscribers a free usage period, and then make a paid service.Probably, many faced with such a situation, especially when buying a new SIM card.

Today we look at how to turn off unneeded services.

methods disable connected services

Contact Center

The quickest way to deal with the services that you do not use, is in contact with the call center mobile company.However, speed is simply to set the required number, then most likely it will be very long and exhausting wait freed specialist.

While dial up Call center employees, you can listen to information about your phone number, and by going to various sections, learn about connected services.If you do not have questions to the operator, you can disable the service by following the instructions auto informer.Otherwise, wait for you to answer specialist.To start talking you will need to name your details: name, phone number and a code word (if any).

Personal account

Another method is fast enough service management through personal study of cellular communication.For the implementation of the operation requires access to the global network.

If you do not have his office at the company's mobile site, first of all need to register.Passage of registration takes a few minutes: need to enter your name, phone number and email address.

As soon as you will gain access to your profile, you can get all the information on the availability of services on your SIM card.To disable a particular service, you must click on its name and click the "Disable" button.

is also possible through a special mobile application to manage services.However, the possibility of the installation must be checked with your carrier.

Company Website

following method also includes access to the Internet.To disable the service, you need to visit the site of the company, go to "Services", find interesting and read the information about how to disable.In the section with the information you will find a special team that will need to enter on your mobile phone.

This method assumes that the subscriber is aware of its connected services.Otherwise, still have to resort to the first or second method to find out the names of services.

sales centers

To disable the connected services, you can visit the company's experts in person.Come in any brand salon closest to deactivate the service.If you do not know what services are available on your phone, ask the consultant to inform you.To do this, call your phone number to the employee terms and present a passport.To turn off some services might need to write a statement.

How to disable services on different operators

To learn more about how to disable the services connected to a particular operator, refer to the article required.

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