How to connect unlimited SMS ?

How to connect unlimited SMS ?

to subscribers in what does not break down in terms of communication, mobile operators are coming up with new services.One of the most popular is the option "SMS Package".For information on how to order the service from different service providers, read our article.

Order SMS package in the MTS

This company offers several types of SMS packages.

Periodic packages

package will be automatically renewed every month until then, until the user decides to deactivate the service.Package can be ordered to 100, 300, 500 or 1000 SMS.

To order this type of SMS to send the message to your phone with the following format (for Moscow region): * 111 * 0100 #.If you need 300 or more SMS, instead of 100 numbers include your 300, 500, 1000. Then press the call button.The fee will be charged immediately after the order package and will continue to be charged 1 day of each new month.Unused SMS are burned.

Individual packages

This package is connected for 1 month and then automatically shut down.Thereafter, the subscriber has the option to order the service.The package may include 50, 150, or 300 SMS.

To order a single set of messages send from your mobile phone the following query (for Moscow region): * 111 * 444 * 50 #.Instead of 50 digits, you can substitute the numbers 150 or 300, to order more SMS.After dialing combination, press the call button.Payment is also debited immediately after ordering services.The package is valid for 30 days after activation.

can connect unlimited SMS, as well as a great-value messages and other means.This may be a package of "SMS-Night Drive" or «SMS-Boom", as well as the real unlimited SMS.For more information about these offers you can find in this section of the MTS website.Just do not forget to choose your region - inquiries and rates may vary for different regions.

Order SMS package MegaFon

Periodic SMS

packages Monthly paying a fee to repay the cost of the service, you can order 100, 150, 200, 350, 500 or 1000 SMS.When ordering a package for more SMS messages cost of each will be reduced - that is "gross" will turn out cheaper.In addition to this monthly fee you will also need to make a one-time payment for the service.

To order periodic SMS package, you need to dial the phone USSD-combination.For the Moscow region, it will be as follows: * 105 * 101 # "(Order 100 SMS) + call button.If you want more messages, requests will appear respectively as follows: * 105 * 102 # (150 SMS) * 105 * 100 # (200 SMS) * 105 * 103 # (350 SMS) * 105 *# 104 (CMC 500) * 105 * 106 # (SMS 1000).

One-time SMS package

If you plan to use the service only in the next month, you can enjoy 100 SMS for 30 days.In this case, you will need to make a one-time payment.It will be deducted from your account as soon as you send the following USSD-request (for Moscow region): * 105 * 625 #.

In both types of packages the unused SMS are burned after the expiry of the package.It is also allowed to combine different packages to obtain the necessary amount for one month SMS.

To learn query formats for your region, go to the next section and choose its location at the top of the page.

Order SMS package Tele2

In this mobile operator there is a very interesting proposal called «SMS-freedom".The tariff offers only 5 rubles a day to use 200 or more (depending on the region you live) messages to the numbers of all mobile operators in Russia.

To order the service in St. Petersburg and the region need to send the following request: * 155 * 21 and press the call button.It is also possible to connect the fare in a private office in the Tele2 website.In addition to the monthly fee, you will be charged a connection fee for «SMS-freedom."

To see a proposal in the framework of this tariff specifically for your region, go to this page, select your location.Next on the next page, go to the section, and select the upper right corner of your region.To the right you will see a list titled "Specials", and it will be specified tariff «SMS-freedom".

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