How to connect free SMS ?

How to connect free SMS ?

effort to expand the lists of subscribers, mobile operators are constantly coming up with new marketing courses, attracting new customers.Among these methods and SMS packs to send messages at an attractive price.

Important information about SMS

packages If you think about how to connect a free SMS to "Beeline", "MTS", "Megafon", or any other operator, then we disappoint you - this service you will not give any one company.In any case, you have to pay.

Another thing is that the cost of each SMS message when ordering the package may be smaller.But you need to understand that this kind of service will benefit only those who are really a lot of communicating via SMS.That is why it is recommended to analyze the proposed tariffs and think how you need them.Also, some operators can be ordered at a cost of loyal pack 30-50 SMS daily, which in most cases is the optimal number.

Connect SMS package on the "Beeline"

On the "Beeline" service is available, "My SMS».Order it, you get 100 SMS per day to communicate with the owners of the local mobile numbers.Package validity period - 30 days.Contribute will need not only for the package itself, but also for its connection.

If you live in Moscow and the Moscow area, to subscribe to the service dial 067 471 and press the call button.To disable the option, type a combination of 067 440 and press the call button.Check the rest of SMS can be as follows:

  • For subscribers of prepaid payment system - 06 747 + call button;
  • For subscribers of postpaid system - * 110 * 06 # + call button.

also can order this and other services through a personal account on the site.If you live in another area, you will need to go to this page and in the top left corner to change the region on your own.

Connect SMS package to "MTS"

"MTS" offers its customers a number of message packets.In particular, for those who communicate a lot, given the opportunity to connect free SMS format "NL".

If you live in Moscow and the Moscow region, then it can be done either via the website or by sending a request from your mobile phone * 111 * 2230 # (refer "Call" button).You can also send an SMS to number 111 with the text: 2230. Disable option can be through messages 22300, sent to the number 111.

With this package you get the ability to:

  • send unlimited number of SMS to the numbers "MTS" in Moscow and Moscow Region;
  • send daily 30 SMS to numbers of other operators in Moscow and Moscow Region.

To know the conditions of the stock and the order of ordering the service in your area, go to this page and in its upper part, select your location.

Connect SMS package "Tele2"

This mobile operator offers a message packets within the tariff «SMS-freedom".For each region of Russia fare conditions and coding for an order different package.For example, in the Vologda region in the framework of the package is provided 300 SMS per day for rooms of all operators in the country.Request can be either through a personal account on the site, or by sending a USSD-request: * 155 * 21 #.Disable the service can also be through a quick request: * 155 * 20 #.

To find an offer for your residence, please visit the "Tele2" in the upper right corner, select the desired area.Please note that this service is only available while in the home area.

Connect SMS package "MegaFon"

In terms of the provision of services in this operator also present regional division.In particular, for the Vladimir region offers among other things, unlimited messaging package.However, despite its name, it implies the ability to send on-net or on any number of mobile operators in the country no more than 100 messages.This will need to pay a daily subscription fee, as well as pay a one-time payment for connection.And when you order unlimited package for communication with other operators of the Russian daily payment will be higher.

To order services need to send USSD-request:

  • * 1655 # - Custom SMS within the network;
  • * 1656 # - order SMS to all operators in the country.

To find out what rates and packages are in your area, go to the site of "Megaphone" and at the top to select the desired region.

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