How to connect a confidence payment?

How to connect a confidence payment?

Many faced with an unpleasant situation, when the most crucial moment in the mobile phone bill ended funds.Now, out of it there is always a way out - a confidence payment.It is, in fact, a loan that gives you the operator to talk.

necessary to understand how to connect a confidence payment with your operator, and the problem with the "zero" balance will remain in the past.

MTS MTS operator is a service called the "Promised payment".Connect to it in several ways.You can dial the number of "Mobile Assistant" 111123, and following his advice, to activate it.

Alternatively, call * 111 * 23 #.

Another way - is to contact the subscriber service (number 1113) with a request for activation.

cash loan amount will depend on the amount you use on mobile payment per month.For example: with a monthly payment of 400 rubles, you can count on 300.


This statement came up with the name "credit of trust" for their services.Connect it is possible both for the money and made free.For a free service, you need to apply with a passport in the office center.Depending on the average flow of funds to pay for connection you establish a credit limit.On its amount also affects your activity in the use of various operator services.

To activate the service for the money you can by dialing * 138 #.The amount spent on this service, will come back to you in 3 months, but already in the form of bonuses.

Additionally Trust payment of MegaFon can be found in the articles How to get a payment by the Trustee on the megaphone and How to borrow a megaphone.


If you are a client of "Beeline", you can give money to a loan.To do this, use the services of this operator for more than two months and spend talking a minimum of 60 rubles.To find out how much you can borrow, you must call the number * 141 * 7 #.

If you wish to use this service, please send a request to * 141 #.But within three days you must replenish your account the same or a larger amount.

If something remains unclear for you, read more, and see How to take credit for Beeline.