How to connect the internet for the day ?

How to connect the internet for the day ?

Mobile Internet is able to help us in many situations, when we are out of reach of the stationary Internet.Telecom operators are going to meet the interests of consumers and offer packages of Internet services to suit all tastes.If you do not use the Internet constantly, you will enjoy a service that allows you to connect the Internet just for one day.Let's see how to connect the internet on the day for different operators.

Megafon Megafon operator offers its users two whole package: 24 and 24 Pro.Prices and conditions depend on the region of residence.For residents of Moscow and the Moscow region the service "24" costs 24 rubles, and the "About 24" -150 rubles.If you live in other regions, with the billing services and connections can be found on the official website

For 24 rubles you get 200 MB of traffic with maximum connection speed 3 MB / s.

To activate the service, "24", you must send a request by dialing * 105 * 264 # call.

With "Pro 24" you get a day without 1.5GB maximum speed limit.Connect it is possible, by dialing * 105 * 224 # call.

If you need to disable the service, to make it very simple.Dial * 105 * 264 * 0 # to disable the "24" service and * 105 * 224 * 0 # to "24 Pro".

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This operator also has two packages to choose from.In the first case you get 19 rubles for 100 Mb of traffic at maximum speed, and the second for 29 rubles - 500 MB.

to connect the first option, you must send a request (* 115 * 111 # call) or to dial the phone 067 409 3111, and the second - * 115 * 112 # or 067 47 17 010.

What you are for Moscow and Moscowregion.If your place of residence is different, see the conditions, rates and connectivity is possible on site

Disable the service by sending request * 115 * 010 #, the call (for a 100 MB package) or * 115 * 020 #, call (500 MB for the package).It is also possible to disable using a call to the number 0674071700 (for a 100 MB package) and 0674717010 (for a 500 MB package).


Not all users of MTS function is available "Internet on the day."Connect it can only owners of packages of "MTS Connect-4" and "MTS Connect.Netbook ".As with Beeline, MTS does not limit the maximum speed limits and traffic only.Residents of Moscow and the region can get 50 rubles for 500 MB of traffic conditions in other regions please look at the website

To activate the service, use one of the options:

  • send SMS with the code 67 to 111
  • dial request * 111 * 67 # call.

You can activate the service on any given day, but you will be charged only after the first visit of the Internet.

To disable the services you need to send SMS to the number 670 111.

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Tele2 Tele2

We also have a special service is "The Day of the network", which allows to connect to the Internet daily.This service is not available in the tariff packages "Black", "Modem", "Purple" and "very black."After the service you are provided with 250 MB without a speed limit.If you go beyond the traffic, the subsequent Megabytes limited to 64 kbit / s.

Connect service can be through My Account, or using the command * 155 * 161 # call.The first activation of the service for free, you only pay 15 rubles per day, use of the network.But subsequent connections cost 15 rubles, at the same subscription fee per day.Disabling a free service.To make it possible, by dialing * 155 * 160 # call.Activate the service so that it is possible, while in Saint - Petersburg.If you are in another area, that information should be sought on tele2

As you can see, all mobile operators have a service that allows you to enjoy high speed internet for one day.