How to write an SMS favorite ?

How to write an SMS favorite ?

In the era of Internet and mobile communication through text messaging is very popular.And certainly that of any young man had problems with originality in writing sms girlfriend.In fact, it is not difficult or scary as you will see by reading this article.

most important thing in SMS communication

To write uncommon text message to his girlfriend, you need to pay attention to:

  • content of the message;
  • sending time;
  • the number and length of messages.

Of course, first of all to remember about literacy.You should try to write without errors.Of course, the lack of grammatical errors do not appreciate everything, but in any case it will be your positive qualities.

How to write an interesting SMS favorite

Traditionally, the biggest problems arise from the content of SMS.What to write in your favorite messages to not look dull or stupid?

Firstly, do not no reason to write "empty" messages, such as:

  • «Hello, how are you?";
  • «What are you doing?";
  • «What are your plans for today?";
  • «When the meet?»

These SMS are primitive, and better does not send them.However, sometimes they are needed.In this case, we can write the standard phrase is original and, so to speak, to personalize.For example:

  • «You're probably busy with something, can you help? :)";
  • «Can I take part in the planning of your day? :)".

Sometimes it is necessary to send a favorite something original, not like you, to surprise the girl.Use her favorite words in their messages, your "secret" of expression or even popular revolutions (comics and jokes from the Internet, catch phrase, and so on. D.).All this will make your communication more fun and at the same time a nice and laid-back.

Select time for sms

very important and writing messages while.Do not write the girl late at night, knowing that she was asleep, and it is better to wake her in the morning if it somewhere to go.Be aware of where she was doing.This will help you not to ask stupid questions, and at the same time be a caring, learning via SMS, as she had what her news.

Be serious person and a real man.Do not write every minute.If you have nothing to write, it is better not to write.If you do not know in the course of correspondence, what to say, but it is necessary, start a discussion of something neutral.You can bet on any proverbial theme - it will develop you both.

In short, if you do not know how to write a SMS your favorite, just be yourself and always remember that women love attention and care.They appreciate the sense of humor and unobtrusive.Be friendly and attentive to his beloved.It is expressed in the original message, and it is sure to pay attention to this and will support you.

Love her in each message, and then you will always be happy.