How to connect the headset to the phone ?

How to connect the headset to the phone ?

headset often helps us in everyday life.Indispensable it while driving, as in this case, the driver's hands will always remain on the steering wheel.Good it is for young mothers, who are usually in one hand baby in the other bag.And just in life are often situations when you need to have your hands free and the phone continues to ring at the same time.Maybe not everyone knows how to connect the headset to the phone.Let's talk about this in our article.

Connection ordinary headset

  • First of all, you need to buy the headset that is right for your phone model.It happens so that the headset connector corresponds to the phone, but the headset is not working.Therefore, the seller must advise, if suitable for your phone, this model sets.
  • Better, of course, read the instructions, which must be attached to the headset.It is desirable to explore the phone itself and the user manual, since it should contain information on how to connect and configure the headset.Instructions should be read carefully.If the manual is not available, then use the wired headset as follows.
  • Find the connector on the phone.It is usually located on the bottom or side.
  • Connect the headset to the phone.The phone should automatically switch its mode of use.
  • If it is not switched, then get to the Settings menu item.Phone models are different, so the menu items can have other names.
  • The settings look for the Mode item and select the one that matches the headset.
  • Make a headset, set a comfortable volume for your headphones.
  • Wearing the headset on your ear, make sure that you feel comfortable, and that the microphone is positioned from the mouth at a distance of about 3 centimeters.
  • make a call to a friend, check the headset.

connect the wireless headset

To connect a bluetooth headset to the phone, you want to make with her mobile phone pairing.To this end, both the device and the phone and the headset, should be included.

  • should make sure that the devices are within range of each other.
  • The headset you need to activate the search mode.As a rule, it takes a short time, press and hold the function button on the headset or the call key.
  • The phone need to find a partition functions, which made control devices, select Bluetooth and initiate a search for a new device.After searching the name of your headset should appear among other devices.
  • Select it and add to further identify the list of connected devices.
  • phone prompts to enter the password, you must enter the password 0000. pairing process is complete.

Now, armed with the knowledge of how to connect the headset to the phone, you can calmly feel in a situation where your hands are busy, and the phone must be answered.