How do I connect the headphones to the phone ?

How do I connect the headphones to the phone ?

Earphones differ from the usual built-in microphone for your phone.This makes them much more versatile.Indeed, thanks to him, you can not only through the headset to listen to music, but also to use it to talk with someone.How do I connect the headphones to the phone, you will learn from this article.

Connecting Headphones

When buying a phone headset usually comes.In this case, its connection will not give you any problems.Search on your phone headphone jack and insert the plug into it.If you doubt the correctness of the choice of the socket, the enclosed instructions always have headphones scheme.

If you for some reason there is a need to buy headphones for your phone, then, to avoid problems with their connection.take it with you.So you can immediately test their compliance and mobile.

Headphones for iPhone

hardest with headphones for iPhones.After all, they have a non-standard connector for a microphone and require four channels instead of three, as usual.There are several solutions to these problems:

  1. Use a special adapter, manufactured by Belkin.But in this case you can not use the microphone function.Besides, he does not bend, and therefore, it will be ugly stick out from the phone.The company Apple has a similar product, devoid of all the above drawbacks.But it costs about 20 dollars.
  2. Use adapter.Solve all the problems with the headphones for iPhone can Shure Music Phone Adapter for iPhone.It costs the same as the first option.
  3. Hold the soldering iron.If you have the necessary skills, you can try to solder ordinary headphones to the headset that comes with the iPhone.

But still the easiest way - is to buy special accessories that you just need to insert into the slot and enjoy.

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