How to write an SMS on your phone ?

How to write an SMS on your phone ?

SMS messages - a popular and convenient means of communication, which has long been firmly entered our daily lives.In this article, we'll show you how to write an SMS to the phone, and tell you about the main SMS settings.

main parameters of SMS-messages

Any SMS message has certain properties that should be considered when writing and sending.First we need to go to "Messages" on your phone and select the "Write new message".This will bring up a form for entering the recipient's number, form of communication and keyboard input.

SMS messages Writing

SMS recipient can be one or several.To select it, you need to select the address bar and add a recipient from your address book or to register manually.

To write a text message, highlight the message form and enter the desired text.After the message is ready, you are ready for dispatch.

Size SMS

When you send should be mindful of the amount of SMS, because it affects the cost.SMS Size - the number of characters with spaces that make up a single message.Depending on the operator, the size of a single SMS message, written in Latin and Russian letters, may be different.On average it is 130-160 characters including spaces for letters and 70-100 characters with spaces on the Russian.This difference is due to different coded SMS messages in different languages.

Once this limit is exceeded, the message will consist of two SMS after a double excess of the three SMS, and so on.In those days, when mobile communication is still not cost so cheap as it is now, many Russian writing SMS messages in Latin letters in order to save money (eg, privet, kak dela).However, for the same purpose, you can use this technique today.

How to write an SMS to the phone using T9

function for easier and faster set of posts in almost all phones (except iPhone) provided T9 function.When enabled the desired word is automatically generated from a combination of consistently pressed the phone keys.In cases where the alleged words of a few, the right can be selected with the crosshairs phone.

Voice dialing

In order to further accelerate the writing of SMS messages, in today's smartphone has voice dialing function.By clicking on the button turns on the microphone and voice recognition software converts your spoken words into text on the screen.


The SMS messages are often used different emoticons - stylized graphics that are able to convey emotional content of the message.As a rule, there is a ready set of phones emoticons that you can use when writing a message.

keyboard to enter

Modern smartphones have the ability to choose a keyboard for writing.If you are not used to type SMS using Qwerty keyboard, you can just turn on a standard keyboard 3 x 4, which is used in conventional phones (on the key "2" - A, B, C, D; "3" - D, E, F, W and so on).