How to connect your phone to your computer ?

How to connect your phone to your computer ?

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How to connect your phone to your computer?

Today, almost everyone in his pocket is a smartphone.Our life is difficult to imagine without them.The information that is on today's mobile phones, you can synchronize with a PC, so many owners of smartphones wondering how to connect your phone to a computer to copy music, videos, phone book contacts, and more.

main ways to connect your phone to the computer only three:

  • using a USB-cable;
  • via Wi-Fi;
  • using Bluetooh.

Connect the smartphone via USB

cable Before you connect your phone to a computer, find the cable in the box from a smartphone.It's a long black cord, which has access to the USB connector and the micro-USB.Owners of Apple products were more fortunate - this wire (white) at the same time plays the role of the charger, so you do not have to look.Practical tips on connecting the device to the PC, see the article How to connect your iPhone to your computer.

for Android phones common algorithm of actions the following:

  1. Insert the micro-USB connector in your phone, connect the other end to USB-port computer;
  2. Wait for the characteristic sound, evidencing the new device is connected, and then in the lower right corner will pop up "Found New Hardware";
  3. Usually, drivers are installed automatically, but earlier versions of pressing the tip may be required operating systems, and installing drivers in semi-automatic mode, just like any standard program;
  4. When you are prompted "The new device is identified / successfully connected," you can go to "My Computer" and find your smartphone amongst labels.

If some points in the instructions cause you difficulty, and be sure to check with article How to connect Android (Android) to a computer, where the necessary steps are described in detail.

And for owners of Samsung Galaxy Ace phone will be interesting article How Samsung Galaxy Ace to connect to your computer, as you need to download a separate program for some models.

Wireless connection to

computer to exchange data via Wi-Fi you need to download a convenient program Connectify, which allows a PC to your access point.After downloading and installing it, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the program interface and enter in the "Wi-Fi name" the name of the access point;
  2. If you do not want to have access to the Internet strangers, then protect it with a password by entering the code in the "Password" field.

rest of the settings the program will automatically.After their confirmation, you will be able to share files with your PC.The advantage of this utility is that the software supports all mobile operating systems.

more information on connecting via Bluetooth

Of course, when you connect your phone to a PC via Bluetooth data transfer speed will be much lower than when connected via cable.But the advantage is that it is not necessary to leave a mobile device close to your computer, because the range of the wireless connection up to 100 meters, which will allow you to move freely around the house, passing along the information you need on your PC.Bluetooth is built into many notebooks, so we recommend also to read the article How to connect your phone to your laptop to see the details of the process.


  1. Activate Bluetooth on your phone and laptop;
  2. Then on the computer, click "Search for devices".When he finished, the program should find your mobile phone (smartphone's name can be found in its network settings);
  3. Click on the name of the device and select "Do not use a passkey."After the installation is started, at which you can begin to complete the file transfer.