How to write an SMS from your computer?

How to write an SMS from your computer?

Initially SMS - short messages that can be sent with only a mobile phone.However, there are free services that allow write SMS from your computer.This is especially true when the money in the account over, but the hand is a PC connected to the Internet.In this article, we'll show you how to write a SMS free from your computer through websites of mobile operators.

Sending SMS through

Beeline Beeline On site, you can send free SMS to another subscriber of "Beeline".The message must not exceed 140 characters in Latin or 70 Cyrillic characters.

to send an SMS, go to the site Beeline, go to "Mobile Beeline", then - in the "Services and prices" and check the box ¬ęSMS and MMS messages."The service "Sending an SMS from the site" - the second in the list.Enter the phone number of the recipient, as shown in the picture Security Code and SMS text.If desired, check the box "Convert to transliteration" to automatically translate the Cyrillic alphabet in Latin script.Then click "Submit".

Sending SMS via the MTS

With MTS website to send free only MTS subscribers can message.Maximum length of message - 140 Latin characters or 50 Cyrillic.

to send an SMS, go to "Mobile Communications" on the MTS website and click Send SMS / MMS.Enter your phone number and the phone number of the recipient and type your message."Automatic transliteration" You can use the option.Also available are some advanced services MTS - for example, SMS-Express or SMS-Calendar.Go through security check by the picture the desired objects, and click the "Next" button.You will come to the phone confirmation code from MTS - entering it, to send a message from the site.

Sending SMS via MegaFon MegaFon

allows to send free SMS to other subscribers of MegaFon with a special page.The message must not exceed 150 characters.To send, select from the drop down menu, the phone code and enter the recipient's remaining seven digits of the phone number.Enter the text of the message.You can also choose to include a transliteration or a delivery time that SMS did not come immediately, but at a certain point.Then, enter the security code from the image and click the "Submit" button.

Sending SMS via Tele2

Online Tele2 link Sending SMS directly displayed on the main page.To send you need to log in using one of the social networks - VKontakte, Facebook, or Mail.Ru.Press the button and let the pop-up window uLogin application access to required information.Enter the recipient's phone number and the message text (no more than 140 characters).Then enter the security code from the image and click the "Submit" button.