How to connect the Fly?

How to connect the Fly?

In this article, we discuss the main issues that arise when buying a phone company Fly: fly how to connect to a computer, the Internet and how to connect to Wi-Fi networks.In general it can be noted that the company Fly smartphones are not too different from the other manufacturers on the basis of OC Android.Therefore, the settings they are quite standard, which will facilitate the further use of the phone of another brand, if you eventually want them to change.

Connecting the smartphone to a computer

To synchronize your phone with your computer, you will need the supplied USB-cable and CD-ROM with software.Software is supplied on disk reduced format, which is one and a half times less than usual.For these discs, the disc tray on the center made an indentation.

  1. Insert the CD into the drive.Auto Start is enabled and an installation dialog box;
  2. Install the driver by following the instructions on the screen;
  3. Set Fly Phone Suite;
  4. Connect your phone via USB-cable.On the screen of the phone connection menu.Select the COM port;
  5. The computer opens Found New Hardware Wizard;
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen;
  7. Turn off your phone and reboot the computer;
  8. After re-start, select from a list of the COM port number assigned during installation of the driver;
  9. Wait until the connection status is updated to Connected.

fly How to connect to the Internet

to connect the Internet on your phone you must first request a WAP / GPRS settings from your mobile operator.Call the customer service, and will tell you how to get automatic settings for your phone.Then simply plug the settings sent to you in the post.

There is also the option of the Internet settings manually.Consider the example of the Internet connection from the mobile operator Beeline.

  1. Go to Menu-Settings-Connection Profile Settings;
  2. Check Profile "Beeline Internet".If it is not, it must be added;
  3. When you add a new profile, enter your login and password beeline, as the name of the access point, authentication type - PAP, the data channel - GPRS;
  4. In your browser, enter the address http: // /.If the settings have been carried out, you will load the home page of Beeline.

As for the other operators, the sequence of actions will be the same as described above.Differ will only input parameters you.They can also be found in the support service or visit the official website of the operator on the Internet.In addition, you can contact your nearest mobile shop, where for a fee you will make all the necessary adjustments.

network connection Wi-Fi

To set up a wireless network, you can connect as follows:

  1. Enable Wi-Fi in Settings - Wireless networks;
  2. list of available networks will appear.Select a proper network;
  3. If this network is not blocked, the connection is established automatically.Otherwise, you will need to enter a password;
  4. go to Settings Wi-Fi, you can perform more fine-tuning the wireless connection.