How to recover deleted SMS ?

How to recover deleted SMS ?

If you accidentally or intentionally removed from the desired SMS phone, then you have two ways to proceed: to fall into gloomy despair or try to recover deleted SMS from your phone by following our instructions.So, we proceed to recovery.To do this you will need:

  1. phone from which you deleted the SMS;
  2. SIM card, which have been reported;
  3. software that allows you to recover data from the hard disk or other media;
  4. reader;
  5. computer.

How to recover deleted SMS: Tips

  • carefully read the section "Messages" on your phone.It is likely that there you will find the folder "Deleted", which stores the last few deleted SMS.Then restore the lost information can be easily, for this you need only click a few buttons.
  • Recover Deleted SMS from your phone, you can use special software.Such applications to restore lost data can be downloaded online for free.However, there are also paid versions of software, but why pay the money where it can do?
  • it possible to recover deleted SMS from using the SIM card?Yes it is possible.The fact that the cache SIM card Remote information is stored as long as the phone does not reboot or memory is full.Therefore, if you use a card reader, you can see on your computer the latest SMS-ki monitor, even if they have already been deleted from the phone.But this method will suit you just in case, if you delete a message recently, and the phone, since not turned off and the SIM card is changed.

it possible to recover deleted SMS if it's been a few months?Here the answer is rather negative, because the more time passes since the removal of SMS, the less chance of a successful recovery.

If you are interested in how to recover deleted SMS iPhone, we hasten to inform you that you need to act here in very different ways.

All SMS are in the iPhone SQLite database files, which, after removal of their data is not erased, but simply marks used to store database records page as free.Therefore, if you have deleted some information, but nothing more do not create and is not sent, then the probability of successful recovery is quite high.How to Recover Deleted iPhone SMS to those who use IOS-device jailbroken?It is useful Undelet SMS program with which you can pick up text from the backup, as well as Spotlight search history.

Now you know how to recover deleted SMS.But we would still advise a closer contact with your information, so that later it was not necessary to resort to such extreme measures to rescue deleted SMS.