How to connect roaming in Russia ?

How to connect roaming in Russia ?

Roaming on Russia allows subscribers to stay connected while traveling around the country.But to use them only after the connection.Here's how to activate the service "Roaming in Russia" at the top operators.

Roaming "Beeline»

Company "Beeline" offers subscribers roaming in Russia (option "My Country") at a reduced price - outgoing calls from 1.65 rubles, while for incoming removed only 2.5 ruble independentlyof the call duration.To enable this service (activation is paid - 25 rubles), you can use the following ways:

  1. USSD-command.Enter your phone number with the following combination: * 110 * 0021 # + 'Call' button.
  2. Autoinformer.Call from your mobile to the number 0683, and then follow the instructions of the electronic operator to connect the "My Country" option.
  3. Operator Help.Dial 0611 from your mobile phone number or urban - 8800700 0611. Then, wait for the response of the operator, and then ask him to connect roaming in Russia.

Roaming from "MegaFon»

«MegaFon» The company also provides such a service, it is called the "National roaming".The cost of its connection is 30 rubles.Incoming calls in roaming are not charged zone and outgoing are from 3 rubles per minute.To enable this service, you need to use one of these methods:

  1. USSD-command.You need to send from your mobile phone the following request: * 105 * 648 # + "Call" button.
  2. appeal to the office.Connect roaming for Russia from the "Megaphone" of the company may also be in one of its subsidiaries.Be sure to bring your passport.

Roaming from "MTS»

If you decide to connect a roaming in Russia from the "MTS", know that it will have to pay for everything coming from 3 rubles for 1 minute.To activate the service, "Everywhere at home" (activation costs 30 rubles), which provides for national roaming, you need to use one of these options:

  1. USSD-command.Enter from your mobile phone such a request: * 111 * 3333 # + "Call" button.
  2. SMS.Send a cellular telephone SMS with the text 3333 to short number 111.
  3. Internet Assistant.Go to the site of "MTS" at this link:, go through the authorization and under the service, select the tab "Roaming in Russia", and then "Everywhere at home".Opposite this option click on "Connect".

Roaming from "Tele2»

also have national roaming from "Tele2".It provides chargeable incoming and outgoing calls at 9.45 rubles per minute.To activate this service in the following ways:

  1. official website.To get to it, you can follow this link:, click on the link "My Account" and go through the authorization.After that, in the main section, select "Roaming", then there will be current tariff plans in front of you - choose for themselves the right and click on "Connect".
  2. call operator.Enter the mobile phone number 611. Then, wait for a response specialist company "Tele2" and ask them to connect the national roaming.
  3. Service Center.In the office of "Tele2" refer to a free worker and ask to activate your phone service "Roaming in Russia".

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