How to block SMS ?

How to block SMS ?

SMS-message - is a convenient way to communicate, but sometimes we do not want to receive messages from certain people.The reasons for this are different, we do not understand them, better to find out how to block SMS.Consider the easiest and most effective way for the popular Russian operators.

How to block incoming SMS own

Just want to note that not all phones support the function of the "black list".If your phone has this function, then you are lucky.In the settings menu, select the profile and add a number of annoying caller.

also favor a "black list" provides each mobile operator.In order to block SMS from a phone number you need to contact customer service, and order this service.Depending on the operator, this service can be paid or unpaid.But not immediately clear what kind of service fee symbolic.Tranquility and relaxation from this overbearing subscriber, clearly worth it.

There is also a method of how to block SMS number annoying advertising.In most cases, you need to send a sms with the text «STOP» to the number, c which comes advertising and the process stops.If the process does not work, it is best to contact your network operator to replenish their "black list".

There are special combination of numbers and services that help block incoming SMS.Consider the example of the major Russian mobile operators.

MTS subscribers of MTS have a great way to restrict incoming SMS - is the "Internet Assistant".It is on the company's website.If you do not want to use the Internet, you can resort to a "mobile assistant" (tel 111). Follow the voice prompts from the system you can easily beat the desired result.

By the way, you can manage your mobile assistant, using text messages, sending them to the same number (111). for example, to invoke the prohibitions necessary to send "2119" to the number 111.

Megafon subscribers Megafon network may prohibit incoming of SMS or MMS messages. You can also use the "call barring", for this it is necessary to dial a combination of numbers,which has the form: * code number of services * personal password #, then press the call key Rooms service code and password can be found on the official website of Standard password - 111.


user can fence themselves from unwanted messages... to do this, you need to install the ban by using USSD-request request should be sent to the number * 35 * pppp #, where pppp -. it is the operator password.Standard password -0000.It can be changed at any time.