How to connect the turbo button ?

How to connect the turbo button ?

active Internet users know that upon reaching the set tariff plan traffic limit internet speed is significantly reduced, and it is already impossible to download anything, or simply watch the network.In such a situation could come to the aid of a service "Turbo Button".Today, it can take advantage of MTS, Megafon and Beeline.When it also allows you a certain amount of traffic at high speed.But for this you need to know how to connect the Turbo button for each of the above operators.

How can I connect to the MTS

Turbo button MTS offers its users to connect one of the four turbo buttons.This second service can be ordered and paid back in the time of the first action.Additional traffic package will be activated immediately and will take effect after the expiration of the first.At the same time activate the Turbo button selected in two ways.

first option

  1. usual Turbo button.It operates only during the first 20 minutes after connection.For its activation is necessary to send a message to the number 5340 with the text turbo.At the same time after the activation of the account will be charged 19 rubles.You can simply dial * 111 * 05 #.
  2. Turbo button 500 MW.When you connect from an account will be charged 75 rubles, and the user will receive an additional 500 MB of traffic.To connect to the number 5340 167 to apply for a text or a call to the number * 111 * 167 #.
  3. Turbo button 2 GB.The cost of 200 rubles.Connect it is possible, or by dialing * 111 * 168 # or by sending a message to the number 5340 168.
  4. Turbo night.This service connects once a month, it costs 150 rubles.In the period from 3 am to 9 am, and users are not limited to high-speed Internet.For the connection should send an SMS to number 111 with text 776 or dial * 111 * 776 #.

second option

Very often, after the traffic, installed on the selected tariff plan, end at the time of loading of any page becomes a redirect to the website of MTS.This is where the user can see a short description of all available Turbo buttons and their cost.To connect the required service, simply click on it and confirm the connection.Thereafter, for 5 minutes turbo button is activated, the account will be charged as payment.

How to connect the Turbo button Megaphone

Activate this option in Megafon operator can be only once a day.When it is connected user gets 30 MB of traffic.The cost of services is only 10 rubles.Connect Turbo button Megafon users in the following ways:

  • send a request to the number * 435 #.
  • Send SMS with any text to the short number * 236 * 5 #.

Turbo button on the Beeline - how to connect

This mobile operator is essentially different option.It does not involve the purchase of additional traffic.Since it can only increase the possibility of the current existing traffic rate up to 100 Mbit / s.It can connect at 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours.In the first case, the cost will be 10 rubles, in the second 20, and third, respectively, 30 rubles.

Connect Turbo button Beeline Internet users are only on the official website of the company, in his private office.

But it is worth remembering that all operators can enable this option only if there is sufficient balance on the write-off amount of money.