Cara flash Fly ?

How to flash Fly?

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How to flash Fly?

Phone stitched to eliminate at his software "bugs", that is an error, imperfection hindering the operation of the system.In addition, the firmware allows you to change the interface design scale, improve existing device performance, add new features and so on.This task is quite feasible in the home.

Next let's talk about how to reflash the phone Fly (by the example of Fly Spark IQ4404).However, if you are too far from the understanding of these technical issues, it is better to entrust the work to professionals.

firmware through the Recovery

This method is good because it does not require the use of a computer, and therefore it is quite simple.Below, we provide step by step instructions.

Update Recovery

  1. Download the root using a utility called Framaroot (download links can be taken, in particular, here).
  2. Set the phone utility called Android Terminal Emulator (it can be found here).
  3. Next you need to download the image recovery (it via this link you can download).
  4. After the download, copy the image to the root of your phone's memory card.
  5. Now run the downloaded earlier Android Terminal Emulator program.
  6. Enter the following commands step by step:
    • su (after this command, the system will ask for permission to root permissions - do it)
    • cat / sdcard / recovery.img & gt;/ Dev / recovery;sync
    • reboot recovery
  7. If you receive an error «recovery not found» (. from the English "image file not found"), then enter the following:
    • su
    • ls / sdcard
    • cat / sdcard / recovery.img & gt;/ Dev / recovery;sync
    • reboot recovery

Once you enter all these commands, the phone will reboot and you will be displayed with the system already patched receiver manner.It remains to flash Fly to your liking.

Firmware Update

  1. You can go to the following link.
  2. On the page you will need to open a drop-down menu "custom (ie unofficial) firmware" and download the necessary retaining data on the phone's memory card.
  3. Next, turn off the phone.
  4. Turn on the machine while pressing the volume button.This Fly is loaded into the recovery.
  5. Slide your items-click the volume and select the desired button on / off the phone.
  6. Now go the following way: «install zip», further - «choose zip from sdcard», then " »and finally« Yes install ».
  7. wait a bit until the firmware installed on the phone.
  8. At the end of the process you will need to reset the previous settings.To do this, follow this way: «Go back», after - «wipe data / factory reset», there choose «Yes - wipe all user data».
  9. selecting command line «Reboot system now», send the phone to the next reboot.Done!

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