How to set up MMS on the Nokia (Nokia)?

How to set up MMS on the Nokia (Nokia)?

Before you set up MMS on the Nokia, you need to know what MMS and why you need it.MMS - Multimedia Messaging is a service that is thanks to this service, you can send any information, in a variety of images, music and even videos.Transmit data can be, as well as on a mobile phone and e-mail.The only feature of the MMS, is its size, which is only 100kb, and also the operator may impose limitations.Some networks may also be supported by sending messages of up to 300 kbps.Usually, all photos sent compressed telephone.

The principle of MMS

Service The essence of this:

  • MMS consists of two parts.The first part - is the WAP - server operator (special wireless data service).The second part of this SMS - messages with notification to download the main file.
  • If your phone does not support MMS function, it will be sent with a link to download the file sent by you.

So, having understood the principle of MMS Service, you can return to the main question, how the setting mms nokia on what steps need to be done and whether there is a particular shipment from nokia phones.

MMS settings in the phone nokia

Before you send mms from Nokia, it should be understood that the successful sending an MMS message to a greater extent depends on your operator.Because often when sending files, may fail, and the money for the service have been removed and to blame the phone is not worth it.

So, setting and sending MMS will be considered mobile operator MTS.A setting of sending files from nokia phones virtually identical in all models with support for MMS.

Instructions for configuring MMS:

  1. On your phone go to "Tools┬╗ (Tools), then "Settings┬╗ (Settings) and click Connection (Connection).
  2. Next you need to create an access point.Point name (Access point name) can choose an arbitrary example MMS_MTS, select a data channel - GPRS.User name (User Name) - arbitrary.Request password (Promt password) - place, no.Password (Password) - for example, mts.IP-address of the gateway (Gateway IP address) - (the address yavlyaetsya standard in the MTS network).Home (Homepage): enter http: //
  3. Next you need to select the access point.You go to Messaging (Messaging), hereinafter referred to Settings (Settings) click MMS.In this section, you choose the preferred compound (Preferred connection) and put the connection.

Now you can send and receive messages such as MMS.