How to make " Promised payment" ?

Как сделать "Обещанный платёж"?

Any of subscribers may remain in a situation where your phone bill he 0. In order to constantly stay in touch on a regular basis is necessary to replenish its balance sheet, and to "make" it is possible thanks to the service "Trustee Payment".Submission services available to the operator "Beeline" subscribers, "Tele2", "MTS", "Rostelecom", "Yutel".Upon request, the operator temporarily subscriber adds their account to a certain amount.


Each operator has its own combination of numbers and symbols, which are entering on your phone, you can send a request for a loan.

How to make the promised payment Beeline

To activate the service "Trustee Payment" you need to dial a combination of digits and symbols (* 141 #) and then start the call button.Following this transaction on your balance goes a certain amount, depending on the subscriber's monthly expenses (for example, if the last quarter you spent more than 3 thousand. Rubles, the payment will be equal to the sum of 300 rubles.).There is a caveat to use this service the account balance you must be not less than 0 and no more than 90 rubles.

Note that if your monthly expenses will be between 1.5 to 3 thousand. Rubles, you enroll at the expense of 150 rubles.balance in this case should be from 0 to 60 rubles.

If your monthly expenses will range from one hundred to one thousand five hundred rubles, then the account you enroll 90 rubles.As in the previous embodiment, the balance must be not less than 0 and not more than 90 rubles.

In cases where the subscriber's monthly expenses do not exceed 100 rubles., He will transfer the amount of 30 rubles, and its balance sheet at the same time should be from 0 to 30 rubles.

It should be noted that the "Trustee Payment" valid only for three days, after which transferred money to the subscriber will be charged by the operator at full size.

How to make the promised payment Tele2

To activate the service "Promised payment" need to dial the appropriate key combination - * 112 * 1 # and call.After that, you get a SMS notifying you about the size of enrollment and duration of services.This service is available to subscribers, the user experience of more than 180 days.

How to make the promised payment MTS

Service "Promised payment" can also benefit from MTS subscribers who have not activated the service "Credit" or "On the complete trust."Connect service can be specified via the website of the company (the service "Internet Assistant", "payment" section, "promised credit" clause).In this service, you can get information about the "Promised payment" on your number.To activate the service, you can also, if you dial * 111 * 123 # or call the number 1113. Any client is available in the amount of 50 rubles.It should be noted that the more the subscriber spends on communication services, the greater the amount of "Trust payment" it can get.

How to make the promised payment "Rostelecom»

this service period is five days, during this period you need to fund your account in an amount not less than the declared as the "Trustee Payment".you must register the application "Promised Payment" To activate the service.You can do this in several ways: telephone customer support information - 88007071818;in sales and service center;in the "My Account" subscriber "Promised credit".Activation of the service is paid - 5 rubles.

Company "Yutel" provides a service to its users "Trustee Payment".The maximum payment amount that is available to the client - 100 rubles.The validity of this service - 5 days.To activate the service, the subscriber needs to call the number (88003001800, 11800, 88003001802, 11802) and voice their passport details and nameActivation of the service is paid and is 5 rubles for each "Trustee Payment".