How to make a redirect ?

How to make a redirect ?

In some situations, there is a need to activate diversion from a particular phone number on the other.For example, if you are temporarily unavailable and you need to redirect workers calls to another employee, so it is important to know how to do a redirect.There are two types of call forwarding: unconditional, at which all calls are diverted, and the variables include the number is busy or does not answer for a long time.Let's see how to make a call forwarding number, depending on your mobile operator.

MTS MTS allows you to make phone calls like call forwarding to other mobile, as well as to local and long-distance or international numbers.

Scheme to help understand how to redirect to the MTS, is very simple.To do this, use your phone's menu, the "Internet Assistant" or by calling to the MTS operator MTS official website.Next, you need to follow the instructions that will help you do a redirect.

Also you can use universal commands to make the desired action:

  • To divert all calls dial ** 21 * desired telephone number # *.
  • To divert if the phone is busy - ** 67 * desired telephone # *.
  • To divert phone off or when it is busy - * ** 62 * number #.


  1. To activate this service, you must go to the website personal mobile account and log in to it.For the login you need to specify a phone number Beeline no 8 at the beginning.If you are already registered in the system yet, enter your password, if not - it will come in the SMS-message.Follow the instructions that tell you how to make a redirect to the Beeline.
  2. You can also call the operator, but in this case you are prompted for the passport data and information about registration.
  3. Another way to set the divert - to make a request by dialing * 110 * 031 #.


There are several ways to enable forwarding for the mobile operator.So, you can call from your mobile telephone 0500 to speak to an operator who will tell you how to make a redirect to a megaphone.Follow its instructions to perform the desired action.

If you want to set up call forwarding on their own, you can do it through the menu of your phone's settings.Typically, each model of mobile phone supports the redirection of calls to the desired number.

The easiest way to enable call forwarding on your phone is a set of commands ** code * phone number * 11 #.In this case, you can use these codes:

  • 21 - will include call forwarding of all calls.
  • 61 - if there is no response.
  • 62 - if the phone is switched off or outside the network.
  • 67 - If the number is busy.


To learn how to do redirects to Tele2, you can call the operator or go to the official website and follow the instructions.You can also take advantage of special teams:

  • ** 21 * phone number - to forward all calls.
  • ** 61 * number - if the phone is not answered.
  • ** 62 * number - if your phone is unavailable.
  • ** 67 * number - if the phone is busy.

Now you know how you can easily and quickly make a call forwarding on your phone mobilgnom.We hope our article will be useful in the future for you.