How to flash Huawei?

How to flash Huawei?

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How to flash Huawei?

If problems occur when using a cellular device, you can try it yourself, please.Also process will receive updates and opens access to new opportunities.In addition to the official firmware that go directly from the developer, many users prefer to use the so-called by custom (unlicensed).In this article we will look at the process of firmware on the example of Huawei brand phones.

How to flash your phone Huawei

  1. First download from the Internet the necessary programs for your phone (for example, from the site).
  2. Then install the downloaded files to your PC or laptop.Primarily required to install setup file.exe.Then install the remaining files.
  3. Restart the computer.
  4. Next, connect your mobile device to your computer via USB-cable.
  5. Loader dialog box appears.Select your device.
  6. Next in "Active Phone" tab, select your phone.
  7. then tick the box "Program Boot Loaders" (loader program).
  8. Click "Load Build Contents" button (Upload content).
  9. In the window that appears, select the file contents.xml.
  10. When the function "Download" (Download) click on the appropriate button.
  11. After loading the computer will prompt to format the device.To avoid data loss, you need to click on the "Cancel" button.
  12. Disconnect the phone from the PC via the safe removal and restart your computer.
  13. Then connect the device via cable again.
  14. In the window that appears, run the program and enter the password (most likely it will be Huawei).
  15. Then tick off the menu option and select the downloaded firmware file.
  16. Then click "Next" and wait for the new dialog box.
  17. Click "Scan and Download" and wait for the end of the flashing process.
  18. procedure will be displayed on the mobile phone screen."OK" appears on the procedure is completed.
  19. Disconnect the device from your computer via a secure recovery and restart the phone.

Installation instructions Huawei

official firmware In this section, we describe the general recommendation of using licensed software.

  • necessary to adhere to the firmware location on your phone - SD-card, dload folder.It is desirable that the card had a volume of less than four gigabytes;
  • not recommended to use the built-in memory of the device;
  • firmware file must be named UPDATE.APP;
  • During installation, the phone may reboot several times on their own;
  • If the firmware file contains multiple folders, you need one at the installation files.

There are two ways to flash.

first method

  1. Turn off your phone, remove the battery and put it back into place.
  2. When you turn on the device, hold the volume buttons.
  3. After starting the installation process, the button can be released.

second way

The second method is to use the settings.

  1. Go to "Settings" and select the "Memory" section.
  2. Then go to "Software Update" and then select "Update SD-card."

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