How to turn off SMS notifications ?

How to turn off SMS notifications ?

With SMS alerts different operators to quickly inform a wide range of users to change this or that situation, promotions and so on. D. It is also a perfect way to ensure close interaction between company employees and implement rapid response system to emergencydevelopments.SMS notifications are used in large corporations, transport and forwarding companies, internet-sites, mobile operators, banks, and so on. D.

reported by SMS?

average user of mobile phones on a daily basis comes mass SMS messages.Alert Content different: change in the balance of a credit card, the account balance, the amount payable for the provision of telecommunications operators services, advertising products and services, changes in tariffs, notification messages, the minimum payments to be made to the bank, and so on..You have to constantly be distracted by reading and deleting unwanted messages, so it is best to look for ways to turn off SMS notifications.

SMS from MTS

Disable notifications from the MTS by calling the toll free number 0890. The operator subscription service at your request cancel SMS notifications.The same way it is possible to cancel the SMS coming from short numbers.The operator will have to provide their passport data or code word.Official "MTS 'website will tell you how to disable the MTS warning.On the same site, you can perform all operations, disable the warning.

SMS alert banks

One of the types of services that large banks provide to customers is their warning about operations on the account via mobile banking.SMS notification for holders of debit and credit card is subject to the availability of mobile phone connected to the one of the federal mobile operators.Since you can recharge your phone balance via m-banking, pay for services, make a transfer to another card.Disable sms notifications banks might in their offices, filling out the appropriate application, or through operators subscriber departments.

Clients "Sberbank of Russia" does not have to puzzle over how to turn off SMS notifications.Savings Bank offers to call the toll free number 8800555 5550. The operator will check your passport details, the code word and a credit card number, disable SMS notifications installed on your phone.Clients of "Alfa-Bank" for the same purpose can use the free phone number 8800 2000 000. The data that is necessary to know the operator to turn off SMS notifications are the same.

SMS from

Beeline mobile operator Beeline subscribers can disable the warning by calling the Customer Service Center toll-free number 0611 or by using the remote control center services 0674. Social networks and Internet sites to inform their users about messages that they received as birthdaysfriends and changing their states about new topics in the community and respond to comments, and so on. d. Disable SMS notification can usually be in the primary or secondary account settings.