How to connect your smartphone via WiFi?

How to connect your smartphone via WiFi?

Modern smartphones based on the Android operating system has many features of personal computers.In addition they can be operated in a home network for data exchange.To do this, connect your smartphone to your computer via WiFi, which are quite capable of every user.

PC Smartphone Network: Opportunities

The easiest way to connect over WiFi smartphone can be through the creation of a local wireless network.This will allow:

  • from sharing smartphone files and folders on your computer;
  • use your smartphone as a local FTP-server to modify the data in it;
  • control the computer via remote access to the desktop;
  • to use your internet connection on your smartphone.

Network PC-Smartphone: creating

To enable the home network PCs and smartphones can be used as a physical router (prefer) and the virtual.In the first case, problems tend to arise.In the second will have to resort to the installation and configuration of additional software (free).This is done as follows:

  1. download, install and run Virtual Router Manager program;
  2. in the «Network Name (SSID)» we write the name of our network (any in Latin);
  3. in the field «Password» write your password for access to the network (any 8 digits and / or letters in the Latin alphabet);
  4. in the «Shared Connection» list, select the existing Internet connection;
  5. press the button «Start Virtual Router».

Then you should disable access to the password-protected in the Network and Sharing Center.

Setting smartphone

Join an existing WiFi network on your smartphone is easy.To do this:

  1. enter the settings of the smartphone;
  2. open the "Wireless Networks" section;
  3. include WiFi;
  4. go to chapter "Settings Wi-Fi»;
  5. click on the found network;
  6. enter the password and connect.

Now the smartphone has access to the Internet.View also shared folders on your computer may be using the file manager (eg, ES Explorer).This is done as follows:

  1. run ES conductor;
  2. click on the arrow icon in the upper left corner;
  3. select the item "LAN";
  4. press the menu button;
  5. select the item "New";
  6. select the "Server";
  7. in the "Address" field write;
  8. in the field "Login" specify a name for your account in Windows;
  9. in the field "Password" indicates the password for your account in Windows (without possible problems set the system password);
  10. press the button «OK».

now to view the "extended" files and folders in Windows, just click on the icon created by the server.For more information on these issues, see our article How to connect your phone to your laptop and how to use a smartphone.