How to send MMS on your phone ?

MMS - multimedia message, with which you can send images, photos, music and videos through mobile.If you want to learn how to send MMS on your phone, you need to examine our recommendations.

Sending MMS

Send MMS to your phone in several ways:

  • phone;
  • from the computer;
  • smartphone.


If you want from one phone to send MMS, you need to configure the MMS profile.To send this message your device must support data transmission via GPRS and MMS have a function.

Option 1

If you plan to rearrange the MMC, then this function must be activated on your phone.Contact your operator to find out the name of the connection, the access point protocol address and other parameters, he can tell you.After that:

  1. Select the "View" - "Create a new message" - "Multimedia message".
  2. Add a photo or video, comment and send a message.

Option 2

There is an easier way to send MMS from your phone.You need to open a photo or video, and from the context menu, select "Send" - "Through the MMC."

Computer With a computer, you can also quickly send MMS messages.In this case, you can use the services of specialized sites, such as you must enter your message, add the file you are interested in, and it will be sent to the number you want.Thus, you can send a message via the Internet to the mobile phone user of any operator.

In addition, mobile operators also offer options for sending MMS over the Internet using their sites.For example, if you are a subscriber of the MTS network, then you need to go to the official website of the company and go to the tab "Send SMS / MMS».There you will be offered to download a special program, through which you can send different messages to subscribers of MTS network.After downloading the program, it is necessary to register.To do this, send the call to the number * 111 * 31 #, and in return you will receive a message with the code, which is required for activation.

also send MMS, you can directly from the site operator.

Other options to send MMS from your computer, see the article How to send MMS from your computer to your phone.


If you have a smartphone, you can straighten MMS in many ways.


Click the tab to create a new message, and select "Send MMS".Then add your file and write the message.


Go to the gallery of your images and select one of them.Click on the arrow in the lower left-hand menu, and then click "Send by MMS 'in the opened tab.Thus a picture or video to attach, and you will only have to specify the recipient and message text.


Send via MMS and you can take pictures with the camera.To do this, take a picture and click on the thumbnail image of him.Before you open a picture that can be sent in the manner described above.

Why not open the MMC?

There are several options:

  • memory card is full;
  • phone does not support receiving MMC (in this case, you can open the message on the operator's website);
  • MMC did not come completely (ie, network failure).