How to flash LG KP500?

How to flash LG KP500?

Before thinking about how to flash the phone LG KP500, you need to clearly understand what it is.Some stitch phones out of curiosity, others just for the extra experience in this business, the other is necessary for the "opening of the reserves," the phone, well, some of the hopelessness of the situation, such as for example does not turn on, will not load the device, there was a blue screen andetc.Just note that in the latter situation, it is strongly advised to contact the service center, because it is often in such cases, special equipment is required, "programmer".

be understood that the LG KP 500 mobile phone is not only the hardware but also the software part, as any computer, but to restore the "operating system" phone, not as easy as on a home PC.Therefore, before you flash the LG KP 500 in the home, be aware that the responsibility for wrong actions and the possibility of aggravation of the situation entirely remain on your conscience.

So, if you are not afraid of anything, the phone is not a pity, then proceed to the firmware LG KP500.

For firmware LG KP 500 will need

  • phone LG KP 500,
  • USB cable to the phone with a computer connection,
  • special software,
  • confidence that under any circumstances, while the firmware is not cut down the light in the apartmentnot depart wire connecting the phone to a PC.

is always recommended to use only official firmware, that is the one recommended by the phone manufacturer and which can be downloaded directly from the LG website.

After flashing LG KP 500 phone, it may be lost with all the data, including contacts.To avoid the loss of the right information, it is recommended to keep the advance.You can do this using special software LG PC Suite.You can download it here on the PC SYNC tab.

Insruktsiya for firmware

  1. Download and install on your PC USB DRIVER.To do this, go here, find on this page tab "Update" and download the program from step 1. This program is only needed in order to make your computer can correctly identify your phone when connected.Download and install.
  2. It's time to save the information you need, if you have not done so, with the help of PC SYNC program.
  3. then we need a LG Mobile Support program, through which we are going to flash your phone.Find it may be all on the same page using the step point 2. Download and install.
  4. Open the LG Mobile Support.Now you can connect the phone to a computer using a cable.
  5. After LG Mobile Support Program recognizes your phone, press it button "Start Update".If this button is not active, then you already have the latest version of the firmware.

So sewn official phone software.It happens that the first time it is impossible to flash the phone in this way, try prodelyvat the above items again.If all the above does not work, or for some reason does not work, then carry the service center, and do not try to download the firmware for LG KP500 from third party resources.