How to connect your smartphone to your computer ?

How to connect your smartphone to your computer ?

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How to connect your smartphone to your computer?

Modern phone - is not only connectivity, but also an indispensable tool in dealing with certain cases.For example, when you connect your smartphone to your computer you can use as a camera for video calls.In addition, the smartphone can be used as a storage for files or as a modem to connect to the Internet.

How to connect your smartphone to your computer via USB-port

  1. Connect the micro-USB cable or USB (depending on phone model) to the intended phone jack and computer.
  2. In most cases, data are not required to install the driver (the device is automatically detected as a removable drive).
  3. Depending on the model, the device may need to change settings in your phone: in the "Apps" section, select "USB Connection" tab and click "connect USB-drive" button.
  4. If a dialog box appears on your computer screen to select the connection request, you must select "Work on files" or "USB-modem".
  5. If you need to install drivers to connect your phone to the computer, enter the model of your smartphone in the Internet search engine and download the correct driver.Following the link, you can download the driver for some phones.

USB-connection allows you to use all the smartphone features.However, unlike a wireless connection, your phone is attached to the computer that sometimes it is not always convenient.

How to connect your smartphone to your computer via Wi-Fi

to connect devices so you have to be in the presence of a router or Wi-Fi adapter.

connection method

  1. Install a special application to your smartphone (eg, FTP server).
  2. If the smartphone will offer you move the application to SD-card, then press "OK".
  3. Next, return to the smartphone operating table and run the mobile app (by pressing the red button).
  4. you'll see on your phone screen IP-address, which must be entered later on the computer, and the user name and password.
  5. Then go to your smartphone settings and check the box in the tab "Wi-Fi".
  6. Then you need to put a tick in the "Anonymous" (not to enter the login and password).
  7. Next, click in the "Username" and "Password" and remove the labels.
  8. In the "Home Directory" tab, check the box next to "Memory Card" (that is, when you connect your smartphone to your computer phone will be recognized as a memory card).
  9. above settings is sufficient to connect the phone to a computer, but you can see the other tabs and tick the box if you need some function.
  10. overwrite the IP-address in a text editor on your computer (Notepad, Word) and copy the inscription.
  11. Click the "My Computer", put in the address bar of the copied IP-address and press "Enter" button.
  12. After these steps on your computer, open the folder with your smartphone files.

WI-Fi-connection is a very convenient way, but it does not use all of the smartphone features.Typically such a compound is selected for file transfer.

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