How to send SMS from your computer?

How to send SMS from your computer?

Each of us probably found himself in a situation where it was necessary to send an SMS, and phone or discharged, or it ran out of money.In this article you will learn how to send an SMS via the computer for free.

Send SMS from your computer in several ways.Each of the following methods is different basically the software that is necessary for the implementation of this simple operation.So, send free SMS through the computer, you can:

  • from the official websites of Russian mobile operators;
  • using iSendSMS program;
  • using special forms at different sites.

Sending SMS via the official websites of the operators

Such operators like Megafon, MTS, Beeline and Rostelecom provides the ability to send SMS from their official websites.The difference between the services of these operators is the maximum number of characters per SMS.In addition, some operators is a function of the delayed delivery, as, for example, MegaFon in text messages include information about new services.

Sending SMS through iSendSMS

To send free SMS through this program, it is necessary to download and install.You can download it on the official website the installation file is downloaded, you must install the program by following the simple instructions.

After starting to open one single window from which, in fact, is the whole program.Interface easy to use, so send SMS with this program is very simple.

The line "To" indicate the phone number to which you want to send SMS.The next line - "Theme", if necessary, and in the greatest shape of the window is typed directly message.

This program also allows you to save your contacts in your address book, and create message templates.

Sending SMS through

sites there are various websites with the function of sending SMS, for example, or / (but there are many more).These services allow you to send free SMS via computer or smartphone.In the method of sending SMS through the sites have their advantages:

  • able to use your smartphone to send SMS;
  • minimum data to send the message (the recipient's phone number and message text);
  • the ability to send SMS from your computer anonymous.