How do you know the location of the subscriber ?

How do you know the location of the subscriber ?

As is well known, cellular communications provides extensive networking opportunities.This calls, and chat via SMS.Today, more and more popular acquires another function - the ability to know where your interlocutor at some point.For information on how to use this kind of services you will learn from this article.

How do you know the location of the subscriber Megaphone

Many mobile phone users are interested in the question of whether you can really find out where the one or the other party at the moment?Are such services and whether you can trust them?The answer is simple: yes.has a "Navigator" wonderful service in MegaFon network.So, in order to learn the location of the subscriber line you need to connect the service.This will allow you at any time, wherever you are, find out where your friends, relatives or just colleagues.To do this, you need only once to get permission to search and obtain coordinates.This service is available for two weeks for free.Connect this service is easy enough.You can select either of two ways: connection by call or via SMS.In the first case, you need only call the number * 140 # call.If you prefer the second option, then send an SMS with the text REG to the number 1400. Also, there are several ways to manage the service:

  • via WEB-site
  • via mobile wap
  • via USSD-menu, for this it is necessary to carry out a set of these keys: * 140 #.

Filling in the search list is as follows: in order to add you to the desired subscriber to your list and conduct a search, you need to send an SMS with the subscriber number in the format + 7hhhhhhhhhh and send it to number 1400.

must be remembered that determine the coordinatesand locate the desired destination, you can only with his permission, that is, the selected subscriber will receive an SMS request from this network operator, service "Navigator".In case, if the subscriber agrees to determine its coordinates you, he needs to send an SMS to number 1400 with text "YES 7hhhhhhhhhh" (instead of crosses there will be a phone number) and the subscriber will appear in your search list.If the user ignores, does not respond, then accordingly it will not appear in your list.

How do you know the location of MTS

subscriber network operator appeared the service "Locator".With this service you can find out where relatives or people you are interested in any particular moment.Connect to this service is simple enough.For this we need only to send a free SMS-message with the name and phone number to the short number 6677, and then, if your friend caller said yes, you can find out the location of the subscriber line.There

mobile access this command.Such a process helps determine the location of your desired subscriber on the map.Full details can be found at (mobile phone) by selecting the "Locator" section.To determine the location of the subscriber to select his name from the list, wait a couple of seconds - on the phone screen will display information about the location of the subscriber on the map.

How do you know the location of the subscriber Beeline

This was done simply by using the service "Beeline - Coordinates".Activation of the service free of charge, just a week given the opportunity to use the service is also free.First you need to activate the service.To do this, you need to send an empty SMS to 4770 or call the number 0665. Then, add the name and phone number, the location of which you want to define, wait for his consent.That, in fact, everything.

manage the service, you can via SMS.To do this, send a blank SMS to 4770. In this way, and you can find out the location of the subscriber.It is important to remember the rule: in the list must have no more than five people.The main advantage of services is that if you once get the permission of the subscriber to receive his coordinates and location, you can always request to receive without the these coordinates.We sincerely hope that our article has responded to date and exciting many question whether it is possible to know the location of the subscriber without divorce and scams on the Internet.