How to flash Nokia?

How to flash Nokia?

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How to flash Nokia?

Nokia has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of high quality phones.Many of the devices created by its function for 3-4 years without problems, and even longer.It is worth noting that recently, after joining the Microsoft Nokia, the mobile division of the company was closed.Now all phones made available under the Microsoft brand.

Despite this, still millions of people use devaysa from Nokia.But, unfortunately, even in high-quality and simple devices can occur software crashes and errors that make it impossible to use all the phone functionality.

For firmware of all the devices with the platform BB5 great Phoenix program.It allows you to install a software update or correct the errors that occurred when using the phone.In addition, with the help of this software you will be able to flash Nokia «dead».Remember that all actions with your phone you are performing at your own risk, because the method is not an official firmware and can damage your device.

How to flash Nokia with the help of Phoenix?

Despite the fact that most flash the phone - very simple, do not forget to perform a number of important actions:

  1. Before flashing, charge the device for at least 50 percent that it does not discharge while downloading or updating software.
  2. Get original cable (or find complete) for your particular model, since Nokia has used non-standard connectors on their phones.
  3. Close all open applications on your phone, disconnect the player, radio, etc.In addition, remove the memory card and SIM card before you start the firmware.
  4. Close all open applications on your computer, disable antivirus and firewall.
  5. Download Nokia Phoenix Service Software program that allows you to phone the firmware using a computer.
  6. Download Drivers for Nokia, which is here.
  7. Select and download the firmware file for your device.

Now you need to determine which version of the software installed on the phone.To do this, type the combination * # 0000 # and remember which version you have installed.Download the firmware version that is identical to or higher than the set, as it is fraught with reduction in the breakdown of the phone.

process Nokia phone firmware:

  1. Disconnect from your computer any USB devices such as flash drives, mouse, printer, etc., to avoid conflict with the Phoenix (in this case, you can leave the keyboard and mouse connected via the port PS /2).
  2. Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable and select its PC Suite mode.
  3. Install previously downloaded driver and software on a computer Phoenix.
  4. now Phoenix must run with administrator privileges to do this, go to the folder with the program and click on its label the right mouse button, then select "Run in administrator mode" option.
  5. «Connections» Now locate the drop-down menu and select the computer port to which the USB phone cable.
  6. Next, you need to move to the «File» menu and click on the item «Scan Product».Then start reading the information on the connected device, if you see in the status bar information about your phone, it means that it has successfully connected to your computer.
  7. Set the phone firmware file (it should automatically unpack in a folder with the program).
  8. Now go to the «Flashing» section and select «Firmware Update», which is responsible for the software update.
  9. If the firmware for your phone will not be automatically selected, then click the "..." button and select the firmware you downloaded.
  10. click on «Update Software» button to start the firmware.
  11. During firmware or disconnect the phone from the computer to avoid damaging the software.
  12. After flashing is complete, your computer will display a message «Firmware updating succeded».
  13. Now you can disconnect the phone from the computer and enjoy them.

With this method, you can flash the Nokia 6300 and Nokia 5230, and many other devices of this brand.