How to flash s5230?

How to flash s5230?

One of the main methods of Samsung gt-s5230 firmware is firmware through MultiLoader program (preferably version 5. xx).Downloads?Great.Now download the firmware (proshivka- this phone operating system), which you like the most.How to download, unzip it to any place in which you will be comfortable working with files.Now open MultiLoader program and tick the following items - FULL DOWNLOAD, BRCM2133, BOOT CHANGE, Amss, Rsrc1, Rsrc2, Factory FS.Click the BOOT button, and navigate to where you extracted your firmware in BOOTLOADER folder (or BOOTFILES);in paragraph Amss select.bin file apps_compresset.bin.

transition in

download mode Next, to learn how to sew s5230, do the following:

  • phone must be switched you to "Download" mode, for this you need to hold down the volume keys, lock and enable (disable) phone.The inscription "Download", signifying the transition to the flash mode will be highlighted on the phone screen only if you do so, as it is written in the article.
  • Connect your phone to the usb-port on your computer (via an ordinary USB-cable).After the phone will be defined in the program, you will no longer ask the question: how to flash the Samsung s5230, while they themselves can do so safely.At the bottom of the dialog box should pop inscription "com14 ready s5230".If this happens, click the Download button and wait 2-3 minutes.After flashing, disconnect the USB cable, and then restart the phone several times.If your phone after you start working in English - do not panic.How to flash the phone s5230- is not a secret, so that to make phone calls in Russian, it is necessary to make a "preconfiguration".

preconfiguration and problems

To do this, we collect the combination * # 6984125 # *, and enter the password in the pop-up window - * # * 73561 #.Excellent.Now select the country in which we live (in our case - "Russia").Phone will reboot.As soon as he turns on the configuration dial * 2767 * 3855 # for a complete reset.Attention!All the settings of your phone will fly!In each version of the application firmware methods vary, but they have one principle.If you could not sew on the previous instructions, so try.Download and run MultiLoader V5.60

In the upper part of the window click on BRCM2133, select the checkbox and BOOT CHANGE FULL DOWNLOAD.Press BOOT and choose the folder where BOOTLOADER, after one by one click on the AMSS, RSRS1, RSRS2 here select (LOW), FACTORY FS.If you never made a mistake, you can connect the phone (must be inserted into the SIM card and the mobile to be turned on), click on the PORT SEARCH, on the cell should appear DOWNLOAD inscription, then click DOWNLOAD and look forward to the end of the firmware.

In the upper right corner should ALL FILES COMPLETE appears.Phone will reboot, you can now safely disconnect the cable from your computer.And left to do a "preconfiguration", as shown in the first version of the firmware.List of the most popular firmware today:

  • S5230XEID6
  • S5230XEID7
  • S5230XEIE5
  • S5230XEIG1
  • S5230XEIG2
  • S5230XEIG4
  • S5230XEIG6
  • S5230XEII2
  • S5230XEII4
  • S5230WXEIL1
  • S5230MREIL2

not so hard to flash a phonehow to understand the principle of the firmware.If you did everything right, then bang!I congratulate you, you have achieved your goal and have eliminated the problems of the Samsung more flashing you do not need.