How to flash the Galaxy S3?

How to flash the Galaxy S3?

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How to flash the Galaxy S3?

Very often owners of Samsung smartphone Korean company seeking to increase the performance of the device and its functionality by firmware.Software update helps improve the performance of the gadget.In this article we will look at how to flash the mobile phone on the example of Samsung Galaxy S3.As

own flash smartphone

Prior to charge the phone (preferably up to a maximum) and make him a backup of important information.To perform the instructions, you will need a PC or laptop with access to the global network, and USB cable.

  1. The first thing you need to download a computer program to flash (this article material involves the use of a special program Odin Odin), the latest firmware for your phone model and are interested in the driver package for your smartphone (for example, here).For convenience, place all downloaded files in a single folder.
  2. To avoid unforeseen situations during the software update, be sure to turn off at the time of Anti procedure.
  3. also want to disable Kies program (if installed).
  4. After downloading, install the necessary software on your computer.Unzip the file with the firmware.
  5. further required to make manipulation with the smartphone, namely to transfer the phone in download mode.To do this, turn off the device and simultaneously press the following buttons - Menu (Home / Home), Power (Power) and volume (Volume) runner up.Wait for the display of information messages on the mobile phone screen and then press the volume key (runner-up).
  6. After these actions, connect the mobile device to the computer using a USB cable.
  7. Run Odin, then click on the PDA button and select the firmware file.
  8. Then click "Start" button and wait for the software installation.Usually the firmware process takes about five minutes.At this time, it is important not to disconnect the phone from the computer.
  9. Once the operation is complete, the message "Pass" or "Reset" on the screen of your smartphone, and then the phone will reboot.
  10. Disconnect the mobile phone from the computer, close the program and use the smartphone sewn.

It is worth noting that the appeal to the service center for the software update will entail considerable costs.

Self flashing mobile phone should not be a problem, if you strictly follow these instructions.However, be warned that if you are not confident in their abilities, it is better to entrust the operation professionals.Please note that the editorial staff is not responsible for the wrong committed action by the user.

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