How do I know connected paid services ?

How do I know connected paid services ?

Unfortunately, not always a client of a mobile company informed about the services that are connected to his phone.And if a paid service, every day of his account is debited a certain amount.To avoid payment for the services that the subscriber does not use, you need to know about such and disable unnecessary.

How do you know about connected services

Call to

subscriber department of the company to learn about the connected paid services, just call your service provider.Ask the expert voice service availability on your SIM card and the cost of use.If you want to give up any of the services, you can ask about this statement during a conversation.Be prepared, you might be asked to dictate the passport data.

  • To call the operator MTS mobile dial number 0890;
  • To contact a specialist MegaFon is required to call to number 0500;
  • Call Customer Service Beeline by telephone 0611;
  • to call the company Tele2 need to dial 611.

Enter personal cabinet

following method is more convenient, ie. A. Does not imply expectations of a person skilled in contrast to the first method.But in order to use it you must be connected to the Internet.

If you do not have a personal account on the site of a mobile company, you need to register.To register, you must provide your details: name, phone number and email address.Optionally, you can fill in the rest of the column profiles.At the end of registration will receive an SMS with an access code: it is necessary to enter the numbers in the appropriate window and access to the office will be open.

A personal account, you can manage your services (connect / disconnect), to monitor the write-offs, the state of the account and so on.. Some operators have an incentive system and for operations committed bonuses to its clients.

To log on your carrier, please go to

  • Personal account MTS
  • personal cabinet MegaFon
  • personal cabinet Beeline
  • personal cabinet Tele2

In addition, many mobile operators, there are mobile applications for phones.Applications work similarly to the personal account.On the possibility of installing applications learn from your network operator.


Customer Service Center to learn about their services, you can visit any brand store their mobile operator.Be sure to bring your passport, ie. A. Without a document you do not provide any data.Ask the expert voice for your services and the information on them.ask about how to disable unnecessary services, if necessary.

  • To find out the addresses of MTS branded outlets, please visit the company's website, select your region and check the list.Check the address of the nearest company store by sending an SMS with the text MTS to the short number 6677 (free of charge);
  • To find addresses MegaFon salon, you need to go to the company website and click the "Enable search for a location."After some time, on the screen you will see a list of the addresses of all branded outlets in your city;
  • Beeline subscribers are also required to visit the site of the company.You need to select your region, and then the computer will suggest a list of salons;
  • To learn communication salons Tele2 addresses, go to the website, select the region and check the package list.

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