How to flash Sony Ericsson?

How to flash Sony Ericsson?

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How to flash Sony Ericsson?

Firmware phone - quite a complicated process, but not so much that it was impossible to perform on their own.Of course, you risk to spoil their phone and lose the warranty if you would be wrong firmware is installed by a third-party developer.However, if you do not want for any reason to give the phone to the firmware to the service center, in this article we will have detailed instructions how to flash Sony Ericsson.

Before firmware necessary to charge the device.If, during the immediate establishment of a new firmware phone suddenly turns off or usb-cable connecting the phone and the computer, disconnect the phone may not work at all.In this case, the trip to the service center is inevitable.

firmware There are two options: the official firmware issued by the manufacturing company, and unofficial, third-party developers.

Whatever firmware you have installed on your phone before you start, back up your phone data.

Official Firmware

official firmware installation is done using the program Sony Ericsson Update Service:

  1. Install and run the program on your computer.
  2. Follow the instructions and on-screen instructions.
  3. All that is required of you - is to select the model of your phone you.The rest of the program will itself: find, download and install the latest version of the software.

unofficial firmware

Set unofficial firmware more complicated.Before you begin, you will need to download a driver for the firmware, firmware file itself (update and drivers can be found on Unlockers popular forum) and a special program to perform the firmware on your phone (for Sony Ericsson phones one of the most popular programs is the Phone XS program).To flash the phone, using this software, use the following instructions:

  1. Download all of the files and start Phone XS program.
  2. Select Options USB-Connect, if you connect the phone via usb-cable.
  3. Select items Flash Main, Flash File System and Customize File System.
  4. The Main Firmware File System and select the firmware file corresponding to your phone model.
  5. Click Customize File System.
  6. In the Select Phone menu, select the model of your phone, and in the Select CDA and Region, select the CDA area.
  7. Press Procedure Control - Flash and wait until the download is complete.
  8. Disconnect the usb-cable.
  9. Remove and place back the battery and turn the phone.

Phone XS The program can also be useful if you need to flash the phone is not completely, but only add or delete some files.

Selecting a program for installing the firmware depends on the type of platform on which your phone is designed.So, this program is suitable for platform DB2000, DB2010, DB2012, DB2020, PNX5230, DB3150, DB3200, DB3210.Some programs are suitable for firmware for multiple platforms.But the program A2 Uploader, for example, is only suitable for platforms DB3150, DB3200, DB3210.

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