How to flash Sony Xperia?

How to flash Sony Xperia?

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How to flash Sony Xperia?

Sony Xperia - a line of various tablets and smartphones.Back in 2010, Sony Ericsson launched a series of models based on Android called Xperia X10.After that, the company has completely reoriented on Xperia and produced 27 Android smartphones Xperia, which are quite popular until 2013.If you too are its owner, you should figure out how to flash the Sony Xperia.

Firmware smartphones

consider in more detail how to perform the firmware using a smartphone Flashtool program.This program is designed to work with Sony devices prepared based on Android.


program To start you need to download from the official site Flashtool and install the software on a personal computer.Then proceed with the installation.At the beginning of the installation program will require the installation path.In this case, the path would be as follows: «C: / Flashtool /».In fact the installation path can be any (or a disc drive C D).

Installing drivers

If earlier on your PC Companion is already installed and it is clear there is a device, then the driver installation is not necessary.Note that when you install Flashtool PC Companion program must be disabled.If earlier the PC Companion does not when put to the PC, then you need to put the drivers manually.So, open the folder with the program Flashtool.In this case, it is located at «C: / Flashtool».Then go to an existing folder «drivers» and open the file directly to have «Flashtool-drivers.exe ».In the resulting new driver installation window, select the desired line with the name of your device, for example, the Xperia Sola, and then click "Next" to install the driver.

"download" official firmware on your PC

Official firmware on your model can be found through Internet search engines.In the search box, type the following phrase: "The official firmware plus the phone model."Then you get to a variety of sources with firmware from the official manufacturers, it is for a device that you need.After the third point is made, we return to our instructions and follow on.


If you notice, the firmware file to the end of the assigned format.tft ».If the firmware is found, or rather the file end has an ,.tar ,.rar, then a rope need to unzip.After that the firmware file.tft move to a folder, which is located at the following address: «C: / Flashtool / firmwares /».


device firmware in the folder with the installed program find a file called «FlashTool.exe ».Click on the "Lightning" and then on "FlashMode".After this procedure, you will observe the firmware file that has previously been sent to the address «C: / Flashtool / firmwares /».It is not recommended to remove the check mark from the inscription «Wipe Data» of the installation process.«Wipe Data» means a full reset, and it eliminates the occurrence of errors and lags in the device.Next, click on the "the Flash", turn off the phone, hold the volume on the device "Down" and connect the USB-cable.Before the end of the installation program not disconnect the cable from the device, until the inscription Flashing finished appears.

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