How to sew a Chinese phone ?

How to sew a Chinese phone ?

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How to flash a Chinese phone?

Nowadays mobile phone - a device without which we can not do a lot, it is almost everyone.As well as cars, mobile phones are different levels of reliability, design and service.

Every year in the mobile phone and there are new opportunities.Among this vast number of opportunities presence, such as a television and three or four SIM cards - this is a feature of Chinese phones.


to mobile phone sales market, you can find multiple copies of the most famous brands of devices, but at a cost, they are significantly different from the original.Due to the fact that mobile devices are becoming more, most people think about how to flash a Chinese phone.Of course, for each phone model requires its own firmware and detailed instructions.

But in order to have a vision of how to perform the firmware, it is important to know himself an algorithm of actions.At home, ordinary Chinese flash the phone, you can easily, at the same time, even without damaging the device.

Required devices and tools:

  • phone;
  • computer;
  • connecting cable (selected based on phone model);
  • firmware (desired);
  • DATA - cable;
  • tester;
  • soldering machine.


  1. To perform the firmware on their own, you must have a special cable, you can buy or make yourself.For this process, there are no universal cables on all phones.So you need some time to double-check and make sure that the appropriate cable.
  2. important to remember that in the firmware includes a set of programs which work phone.Interestingly, precisely because of this phone can respond by pressing a key, can make sounds, something to show on the screen and have a certain, so to speak, the "native" language.
  3. Due to the fact that many of the professionals who write the firmware, make mistakes that are not visible at first, it should be before you start make sure that all information has been saved.Otherwise, you can lose it.
  4. Find and download the appropriate firmware for a particular phone model, you can use the Internet (some of them can be found on the website fmwr. Ru).It is important to verify that the downloaded firmware to the phone, it is not enough to match the name of the model, it is important to match the first characters and the old and new firmware.
  5. Next, you need to purchase and prepare DATA-cable, which could adapt the signal levels of the computer and the phone of the Chinese, who do not match.To perform the firmware, you need to disassemble the phone to work openly with the board.The battery can not turn it off, it must ensure that the power board.
  6. Now the board is required to find three sites Tx, Rx, GND, they are not varnished.Use a tester you need to check whether there is a net between the battery and the GND short-circuit.Next to these three pins need to solder three wires connected to the cable.
  7. To successfully turned firmware, download the program beforehand Flash Tool 4.10.To install it, you must strictly follow the instructions.
  8. Next install the firmware by connecting the device to your computer.

If you have an Android phone, read about the firmware in the article How to flash Android.