How to flash Sony?

How to flash Sony?

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How to flash Sony?

SONY Company produces a variety of high-power and high-quality smartphones.The range includes both ordinary and protected from moisture and dust devices.In addition, some of them are equipped with high-end cameras and displays different, so can act as a good alternative to an ordinary digital "soap box".

It is worth noting that all modern smartphones this manufacturer are available on the Android operating system.This allows you to install a lot of additional software and take full advantage of the full potential of modern gadget.But unlike conventional phones, smartphones are at a greater number of software failures that may occur during operation.

If your gadget has started to slow down, or in his work were unexplained "glitches", for a start, try to do a hard reset.This will clear the device of all installed software and reset to their default values.

reset the device to factory settings:

  1. Enter the main menu of the device;
  2. Go to "Settings" and click on the section "Backup and reset";
  3. Select "Reset";
  4. smartphone restarts.

In that case, if you edit system files or obtained root access on the device, this method will not help you, and have to resort to flashing smartphone.

How to flash Sony using a personal computer?

Before starting the firmware smartphone, make a backup copy of all data stored on it.To do this, copy the contents of the computer memory card and the internal phone storage, as well as activate and make settings to sync your device with your Google Account.In addition, you can use the PC Companion proprietary utility to create a backup of all data.

If you need to flash the firmware version of the current smart phone (for example, to restore its operation after editing system files), or update it, then use the official program from Sony.

Firmware Sony smartphone through PC Companion

  1. To get started, download PC Companion software on your PC from the official website;
  2. Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions issued by the installation process;
  3. Now connect your phone to the computer using the USB cable and wait for the installation of the drivers;
  4. Open the phone status bar (top pull down the curtain);
  5. Select "Connect the USB" section and click "Install";
  6. After this smartphone is connected to your computer and you need to run the previously installed software (if it does not open automatically);
  7. When the program detects a connected smartphone, you can move to update and flash your device.

PC Companion to easily update the firmware of your smartphone to the latest current version.

If you want to downgrade (downgrade) the firmware, then you have to use the program Flashtool.She used to work with all smartphones from Sony, functioning on the basis of Android.Himself to flash the phone with her help get everyone, but Sony has not officially support this software.

If Flashtool device using your phone becomes the firmware in the process, "brick", to restore the guarantees it will not work.All the actions you perform on your own risk.

process of firmware via smartphone Flashtool

  1. Download the program for the firmware from the official website and install it on your computer;
  2. Go to the Setup folder, open the folder «drivers» and run the driver installer «Flashtool-drivers.exe »;
  3. Download from this site, the official firmware (available for download at this link for the Sony Xperia Z2);
  4. Unzip the firmware file and move with the expansion.tft in «firmwares» folder, which is in the install directory;
  5. Now start «FlashTool file.exe », located in the installation directory of the program;
  6. Click on the icon with a lightning icon, then click on «Flashmode»;
  7. In the window that appears, choose the firmware you placed in the folder «firmwares»;
  8. Then click on «Flash», and follow the instructions given by the program:
    • Turn off your smartphone;
    • Tighten the Volume Down button and connect the USB cable to your PC;
    • Wait (inscription «Flashing finished» is not yet displayed) the device firmware is complete;
  9. Then you can close the program and load your device.